Affiliated Faculty

The following are affiliated faculty members for the Vanderbilt Department of Anesthesiology. To contact any affiliated faculty, please call the Department of Anesthesiology at 615-936-1595.

David D. Alfery,  MD: Adjunct Associate Professor

Curtis Baysinger, MD: Retired Faculty

James Blair, DO:  Retired Faculty

Steve Blanks, CRNA: Retired Senior Associate

Bruce Randall Brenn, MD: Adjunct Associate Professor

Kevin Currie, PhD: Adjunct Associate Professor

Jayant Deshpande, MD: Adjunct Professor

L. Jane Easdown, MDCM: Retired Faculty

Jesse Ehrenfeld, MD: Adjoint Professor

Claude L. Ferrell III, MD: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Marilyn Larach, MD: Adjunct Professor 

Anne Miller, PhD: Adjunct Research Associate Professor

Ramachander Pai, MBBS: Associate Clinical Professor

C. Lee Parmley, MD, JD: Adjunct Professor

Vidya Rao, MBBS: Assistant Clinical Professor

Michael Richardson, MD: Retired Faculty  

Ashok Saha, MBBS: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Andrew Shaw, MBBS: Adjunct Professor

Rigoberto Sierra-Anderson, MD: Assistant Clinical Professor

Ryan S. Smith, MD: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Gregory Sund, MD: Adjoint Associate Professor

Jie Xu, PhD: Adjunct Assistant Professor

Madhu Yelameli, MBBS: Adjunct Assistant Professor