CLARITY is a departmental initiative designed to enhance the written and oral communication skills of clinicians, researchers, and staff—from faculty and fellows to managers and administrative staff. The program has three components: training to improve written and oral communication, structured editorial support (primarily for manuscripts being submitted for publication and grants), and resources and support for publication and other scholarly processes. 





Tap into our curated resources for convenient, online learning that can help you improve your communication skills, written and oral. For practice presenting, consider signing up for a 3 Minute Talk, a departmental mentored program that helps you develop strong speaking skills while calling attention to your research. Coming soon: communication workshops.





Working on a grant? Preparing to submit your manuscript? We offer editing services from basic proofreading to substantive edits. For example, we can suggest ways to enhance your Specific Aims, format your manuscript for a specific journal, or edit any document for conciseness and clarity. Use our Editorial Support Request form to apply or learn more.





CLARITY can help you navigate the road to publication. We can populate your ORCID profile, troubleshot EndNote snags, and find the right journal for your manuscript. Just launching a research project? We can lead you to protocol templates and reporting guidelines, which are now required by many journals. We can also help you promote your published research.