The members of the Faculty and Staff Support Team welcome your questions and concerns and invite you to express any needs to us as you face the challenges of the cornonavirus outbreak.

Avion Armstrong, mailAnesthesia tech representative
Carrie Brintz,
mail Clinical psychologist on faculty
Miriam Brumley,
mailNursing representative
Christi Gray, mailStaff representative
Elisabeth Hudson
mail Staff and fellow representative
Jennifer Jayaram,
mailNursing representative
Donna Keeney,
mailCRNA representative
Katheryne Lawson,
mail Resident representative
Buffy Krauser Lupear,
mailAdvanced Practice representative
Pratik Pandharipande,
mailFaculty representative
Yvonne Poindexter,
mailResource editor, staff representative
Caroline Ruminski,
mail Resident representative
Amanda Stone,
mailTeam chair, Clinical psychologist on faculty
Martha Tanner
, mailResource editor, staff representative
Lisa Weavind,
mail Faculty representative
Matt Weinger
, mailFaculty representative