The Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center is committed to conducting research to enhance and expand our understanding of the distribution and determinants of disease, promoting collaboration aimed at the translation of research into cost-effective strategies of disease prevention and health care delivery, and training independent investigators in epidemiology research and disease prevention.
Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center faculty investigators come from a broad representation of Medical Center departments, bringing a depth of knowledge which is reflected in the innovative methods and novel discoveries being made. Our faculty share a broad interest in the research of the interactions between genetic makeup, nutrition, and other environmental factors and how they affect risk factors for disease.
Current research areas include epidemiology of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, infectious diseases, and reproductive outcomes. Center investigators direct approximately 40 active NIH-funded research projects including three large population-based prospective cohort studies with over 225,000 study participants. Other ongoing studies include multiple large case-control studies of cancer and follow-up studies of breast cancer and childhood cancer survivors, which are evaluating various risk factors and biomarkers, including gene-environment interactions.
The center has considerable strengths in international epidemiologic research and training and has close ties with multiple domestic and international institutions, furthering our mission to improve the health of human beings.
This web-site offers a glimpse of our investigators and the work they are doing, shares upcoming events, links to newsworthy research, and provides references to journal articles in which our findings are detailed.
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