Cancer Population Sciences Seminars


Past Seminars




9/1/21Timothy R. Rebbeck, PhDSocial and biological influences on cancer health disparities
11/3/21Stephanie Wheeler, PhD, MPHNavigating the transition: implementation of survivorship support programs
1/12/22Shelley Tworoger, PhDPsychosocial distress as a novel risk factor for ovarian cancer
3/9/22Anita Kinney, PhD, RNApproaching precision prevention and treatment with an equity lens
5/11/22Lorelei Mucci, PhD, ScD, MPHUnraveling the enigma of prostate cancer epidemiology
7/13/22Electra Paskett, PhDA Multi-level model to address cervical cancer disparities in Appalachia
9/14/22Grant R. Williams, MD, MSPHCancer in the older adult: “Staging in the Aging”
11/9/22Chyke Doubeni, MBBS, MPHAchieving equity in colorectal cancer screening outcomes
1/11/23Wendy Demark-Wahnefried, PhD, RDDiet and exercise for cancer survivors
3/8/23Andrea Baccarelli, MD, PhDThe human exposome, omics, and big data – New opportunities for measuring environmental exposures and cancer risk
5/10/23Alanna Kulchak Rahm, PhD, MSUsing implementation science to make a difference in inherited cancer
8/23/23Roel VermuelenThe exposome and health: where chemistry meets biology
9/13/23Alpa Patel, PhDA Brief History of the American Cancer Society’s nationwide prospective cohorts (Cancer Prevention Studies) and Some Lessons Learned
11/1/23Dusetzina, Barocas, Grogan, ShrubsoleNew Leaders Welcome
11/8/23Rachael Stolzenberg-Solomon, PhD, MPH, RDPancreatic cancer epidemiology: diabetes, obesity, and beyond


Ruth Etzioni, PhD

Going beyond the data: Evidence generation for medical decisions and health policies in cancer


Mattias Johansson, PhD

Predicting cancer in the Omics era: Implications for primary and secondary prevention


Robin Yabroff, PhD

Financial Hardship Among Cancer Survivors