Our Research

The Vanderbilt Epidemiology Center is committed to conducting research to enhance and expand our understanding of the distributions and determinants of disease, to promoting collaboration aimed at the translation of research into cost-effective strategies of disease prevention and health care delivery, and to training independent investigators in epidemiology research and disease prevention. These goals are accomplished through an expansive and flourishing research program. Research within the VEC falls into at least one of nine primary research categories: Cancer, Cardiovascular Disease & Diabetes, Genetics, Infectious Disease & International Health, Nutritional, Occupational & Environmental, Pharmacological, Psychological & Behavioral, Reproductive. In 2012, VEC members received over $25 million in research grants and contracts including cohort, case-control, and intervention studies.



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Cardiometabolic Disease Epidemiology

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Molecular and Genomic Epidemiology

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Other Chronic Disease Epidemiology

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Infectious Disease
and Global Health
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Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology

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Nutritional Epidemiology

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Pharmacological Epidemiology

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Reproductive Epidemiology

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Psychological and Behavioral Epidemiology

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Health Disparities and Health Equity

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