Pharmacological Epidemiology

Opioid Analgesics and the Risk of Serious Infections in Seniors
PI: Grijalva, Carlos G.       Funding Agency: NIA         Grant No.: R03 AG042981 
 This study will use a self-controlled case series design to explore whether use of opioids increase the risk of serious infections.

Opioid Selection and the Risk of Serious Infections in Older Adults
PI: Grijalva, Carlos G.       Funding Agency: NIA        Grant No.: R01 AG043471 
 This retrospective cohort study will determine whether selected opioids increase the risk of serious infections among older adults and whether concurrent use of medications that interfere with opioid metabolism modify the risk of these infections.

Shanghai Women's Health Study (SWHS) 
PI: Zheng, Wei        Funding Agency:  NCI           Grant No.:  UM1 CA182910 
Description: This population-based prospective cohort study was initiated in 1996. From 1996 to 2000, approximately 75,000 Chinese women living in Shanghai were recruited into the study. In addition to survey data, most study participants donated blood (75%) and urine (87%) samples at baseline. Approximately 50% of study participants who did not donate a blood sample provided a sample of exfoliated buccal cells. This cohort of women is being followed for incidence of site-specific cancers and cause-specific mortality through a combination of in-person surveys and record linkages with population-based registries. Four in-person follow-up surveys have been completed, each with a response rate greater than 90%. The resources from this study have supported multiple studies, including approximately 40 international research consortia, to address etiologic hypotheses for cancers and other chronic diseases. The SWHS, with its large sample size, wealth of resources, and unique exposure patterns and disease spectrum, provides exceptional opportunities to address many significant hypotheses that cannot be adequately investigated in other existing cohorts.