Trainee Spotlight: May 2024

Trainee Spotlight

May 2024

Jackson Cabo

Jackson Cabo, Chief

Jackson! Congrats on being almost done with residency! How would you sum up your experience?

Hi Alyssa! Thank you. It almost doesn't seem real. It seems like just yesterday I was on my first month of urology intern year scrambling around trying to find the cysto cart. I would say Vanderbilt delivered exactly what I was looking for and sold on. A rigorous, thorough surgical and clinical education with expert mentors in every subspeciality. If I had to go back to the match way back in 2019, I'd make the same choice again.

In your first spotlight interview back in 2020, you said you love trying out new restaurants in Nashville. After five years here what are your favorite spots?  

Ok, this is definitely one that has evolved over time. My girlfriend Emily and I have several Go Tos currently. We had our first date in January of 2021 at Miel, a french restaurant in West Nashville. This is our favorite special occasion place as well and they always are rotating their menu. Their cocktails are also delicious! On the more casual end, Nicky's Coal Fired is our favorite pizza and pasta place. They also have a pop up bar around the winter holidays which is a lot of fun. Lastly, we also love Kisser in East Nashville. It has delicious Japanese fusion food but is really popular so you need to get there early! 

What will you miss most about the Vanderbilt Urology experience?

I would say the people! One of the things I am most thankful for has been the faculty support I received throughout my time here. Through tough times in second year and in my pursuit of fellowship, I feel everyone I turned to had my back. In applying for fellowship I had mentors even outside my subspeciality making phone calls and sending emails on my behalf. That is not commonplace at every residency, but it is here! 

Favorite OR memory over the last 5 years?

I don't know if I can choose just one! It doesn't come up that often but being able to operate with my co-chiefs this years has been a lot of fun. I think one of the best things about chief year has been being able to focus on operating and seeing that growth over the weeks and months. 

Favorite social memory over the last 5 years? 

I'll limit this to something residency-specific. I probably say my surprise 30th birthday party. I had gotten off a rough stretch of call leading into 3rd year. My co-chief Christy had secretly arranged for nearly all of our co-residents to hide in her apartment and pop out when I walked in the front door. Needless to say, I was surprised. I believe there is a video of my reaction circulating somewhere.

Word on the street is you’re headed to Arizona for an endo fellowship. What are you looking forward to most starting your next chapter at Mayo?

Tacos. Hiking. Percs, robotics and HoLEP too! In all seriousness, I am very honored to be joining the fellowship at Mayo. I am really excited to work with the faculty there and expand on my research and surgical skillsets. 

Jumping ahead here, but any long term plans for after fellowship? 

Not entirely sure, but I plan to go into academics!  

Is the McDonalds classic sausage egg & cheese biscuit with orange juice still your post call ritual? 

Haha well I think I have evolved a little bit. Emily and I try to make dinner together on Sunday evenings, even on call weekends. If I'm stuck around the hospital, the toasted meatball sub from Pizza Perfect is a winner (shoutout to Dr. Chang for the suggestion)! 

Rapid fire questions:

Best vacation during residency-Sedona and Scottsdale - March 2023. Emily and I had a great time hiking around Sedona and got a first look about what our new life in Arizona will look like! 
Celtics NBA championship or Patriots Super Bowl win - A patriots win would mean more to me but I think I'll be waiting on the next one for quite a while unfortunately. 
Favorite laser settings - I'm sure this will change over time, but I'll start with my starting dusting settings of 0.2J and 50 Hz. 
Favorite VA patriot store snack - This is probably the hardest question you asked. Forced to choose I would say the watermelon sour patch kids.


Interview conducted by Alyssa Hardin, MD