Trainee Spotlight: March 2022

Trainee Spotlight

March 2022

Will Fuyumama., MD

Will Furuyama, PGY1

Will, I'm so glad that I get to be the person that interviews you for your spotlight feature! What rotation are you currently on and how is it going? 

I am currently on the Vandy main service. It's been a busy month, but I've been able to see so much growth since I last rotated in September. While I've got a long way to go, it's exciting to see the hard work starting to pay off. 

Intern year can be so hectic, but what's one routine or tradition that you have maintained this year?

I still find a lot of joy in playing fetch with my dogs! Spending a little time outside with them makes a huge difference in my overall well-being.

Will and co-residents

One thing I've always admired about you is your passion for helping underserved patients. I know you did a lot of work in that area in medical school - how has that prepared you for intern year?

It's made me consider the broader context while I'm working with patients. As an intern, I think this most tangibly takes shape when communicating with patients. Many times, you are the first doctor that a patient sees or the first person from your team that evaluates someone. The way you approach that person's pain, fear, or anxiety can shape or re-shape their relationship to the healthcare system. It's a lot of responsibility—it's not something that I think we always think about as we work with individual patients, but as physicians, we represent something much larger than ourselves and our actions reverberate on a scale that is much larger than we sometimes realize. 

A big part of why I love Vanderbilt Urology is the attendings and all their unique teaching styles. If you could make a prediction about your "style" as an attending, what would you guess might be one of your quirks?

I'm not sure what my style will be—I think I've found that I like to keep learners engaged with questions, but if someone isn't eager to answer questions, I try to quickly pivot to explaining what's going on and what I'm thinking.

Will and his dogs

How are Theo and Birdie? Are they living their best lives in their giant backyard?

They love it! It's been a game changer for their quality of life and for ours.

What's the biggest lesson you've learned as an intern?

Remember the moments when you feel moved, present, and connected—the constant churn can feel monotonous, but when you build a relationship with a patient, when the work feels poignant or meaningful, take a moment to enjoy being someone's doctor.

Rapid fire!

Favorite post call meal? Bite a Bit Thai
Favorite urologic procedure? Anything that I can do with some degree of independence! Hydrocelectomy 
Favorite Nashville tourist attraction? Loveless Cafe 
Danskos or Calzuros? Danskos

Interview conducted by Bryn Launer, MD