Trainee Spotlight: April 2021

Trainee Spotlight

April 2021

Leah Chisholm

Leah Chisholm, PGY-1


Born in Boston, but grew up in Atlanta, GA

Tell me about your family.

My father, mother, and two sisters all live in Atlanta. I am the youngest, so was the most spoiled until my adorable niece and nephew joined the family.

Leah's Family

So, why Urology?

I didn’t think I was interested in surgery, but went to a “speed dating session” and learned more about urology, it piqued my interest. I love the variety within the field but also found a lot of value when talking about sensitive issues with patients, such as cancer or sexual health. Establishing long term care with patients is important to me, too, and I feel urology provides this.

You went to both undergrade and medical school here at Vanderbilt. How have you liked Nashville?

Nashville has been fun. Its similar to Atlanta but on a smaller scale. It’s growing so quickly, and it’s great to see all the development and additions first-hand. The food scene is my favorite! 

What’s your favorite place to eat?

I really enjoy Thai food. Smiling Elephant is always a winner, but honestly, I have so many favorites that it’s hard to choose. I love shareable plates/tapa style. 

Leah's dog

What do you do for fun?

I’m a people person, and love hanging out with friends and doing activities such as game night or top golf, or just laughing together at happy hour I also enjoy just relaxing at home watching Netflix. In non-COVID/non-intern year times, I would plan trips and travel. I’ve been trying to cook more recently so I been using my new air fryer using a lot lately. It’s especially good for making fish.

Do you enjoy any sports?

I used to run track so I enjoy a running in my free time, especially when my dog runs with me 😊. I’ll watch football and basketball in social settings, but I don’t really have a team that I follow.

How has residency treated you so far? 

Overall, it has been great. It has been a lot of long nights, but I am learning a lot. Working with so many fun people help the days go by fast. I’ve enjoyed my time on all of my rotations, which is a refreshing reminder of why I chose this career path.

Leah Chisholm

Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a dog (Blue Heeler/Jack Russel Mix) named Wrigley, after Wrigley Field in Chicago, where my boyfriend is from. He’s full of energy but he’s the sweetest and loves to cuddle.

A few rapid fire questions:

Favorite Music: Pop and R&B
Favorite drink: Love a good Gimlet!
Coffee or tea: tea
Sweet or savory: sweet
Favorite urology case: urethroplasty or orchiectomy 
Morning person or night person: night, for sure

Interview conducted by Ali Jardaneh, MD