Blue Light Advanced Bladder Cancer Detection

Blue Light Bladder Cancer Detection

State-of-the-Art Procedure Improves Detection of Bladder Cancer

We are proud to be the first facility in the Southeast, and only one locally to offer the Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC®) with Cysview® . This ground-breaking procedure significantly improves detection of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer (NMIBC) over the traditional White Light Cystoscopy method alone. When used together, tumors can be seen more completely and flat lesions (called CIS) become visible. 
Sam S Chang, MD, MBA is Chair of the Guidelines for Non invasive and invasive bladder cancer and part of the research team that performed the clinical trials leading to FDA approval. This has allowed our clinicians to gain quality experience with the procedure, which is essential for accurate use.

How BLC with Cysview Works 

During a standard cystoscopy procedure, a urologist examines the interior wall of a patient’s bladder using regular white light. During a Blue Light Cystoscopy, the urologist uses both white and blue light. However, the blue light is only effective if Cysview has been instilled in the patient’s bladder at least one hour before the procedure.
Cysview makes tumor cells glow bright pink in blue light, but it is not a dye. It is a variant of a naturally occurring molecule in the body that results in increased production of another natural compound. Unhealthy cells do not process out the compound as quickly as healthy cells; the resulting accumulation creates a pink glow in blue light. Specialized equipment are necessary, and surgeons at Vanderbilt represent some of the most experienced with this technology.

Value to Our Patients 

Cysview is FDA approved for use during TURBT surgery and follow-up cystoscopies. For appropriate bladder cancer patients, it can significantly improve disease management. The improved tumor visibility leads to more complete TURBTs and better surveillance.
With more than 700,000 people living with bladder cancer in the U.S., and around 80,000 more being diagnosed with it each year, it’s become imperative that we here at Vanderbilt University Medical Center offer this revolutionary procedure to our community. We are so pleased to be able to provide this advanced level of care to our patients that results in more bladder cancer cures. By seeing the many tumors that can be missed, this technology means fewer other procedures and treatments are necessary.
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