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Working From Home

Enterprise Cybersecurity offers a Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution through F5/BIG-IP Edge to meet the remote access needs of all Medical Center team members. This service, in conjunction with Multi-Factor Authentication provides a secure link from the user’s computer to the VUMC network and preserves data confidentiality and integrity when information is transmitted from a remote location.

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  • To find out if the new Virtual Private Network client is already on your Windows workstation:

    • Click on the Start button (the Windows button) at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen
      • If you have Windows 10 - look under the letter "B" and see if you have the BIG-IP Edge Client
      • If you do not have Windows 10 - look for the icon below.


    • If the new VPN client is there, click on BIG-IP Edge (it should begin connecting)
      • Enter your VUnetID and ePassword
      • Enter your MFA challenge password
    • If the new VPN client is not there, click on section below for instructions
  • Windows Home PC Instructions

    • After you are connected with the Big-IP-Edge VPN Client, you can connect with the Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop app that is built in to Windows.
      Right click the Start button Start and Search for "Remote Desktop"

         Remote Desktop

    • Enter the Workstation name on the yellow sticker on your work computer in the Computer: field and vanderbilt\YourVUunetid in the User name: field
    • Click Save As: to your Desktop and Connect





  • MAC Home Computer Instructions

    • After you are connected with the Big-IP-Edge VPN Client, you will need to install the Microsoft Remote desktop client from the App Store.


    • Go to Applications > "Microsoft Remote Desktop" to launch app
    • Click + to enter the PC name: (This is the Workstation name on the yellow sticker on your work computer)
    • You can connect to your work PC after you are connected with the Big-IP-Edge VPN Client.



  • On your home system or home laptop, go to to download and install Office 365 and the Skype for Business app. Login with your VUMC email address, VUMC ID and Password. 

    Lightweight versions of the Office apps are available right there. Just click an app icon to start using the app in your browser.

    And if you don't already have the desktop versions of the Office apps installed, select Install Office near the top right of the window.

    Office 365

    1. Click on this link to install the full VMware Client
    2. Select Install VMWare Horizon Client
      After it is installed, Click "New Server" >  add:

                 Client      server


    Option 2

    1. Click on this link
    2. Select VMware Horizon HTML Client



  • Getting a new phone, tablet or laptop? Steps to re-connect to VUMC.

    If you get a new smartphone or tablet, follow these steps to re-connect to VUMC resources:

    The Outlook app is the only method available to receive VUMC email on a mobile device
    You Will also need the Microsoft Authenticator app.

    Why? VUMC IT explains that here:

    How to enroll Microsoft Authenticator MFA

    Microsoft Authenticator

  • Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)


    What is MFA?

    Have you ever gotten a text message on your phone with a code that needs to be entered to log in to a system? That's MFA. You know your username and password, but the code contained in the text adds another layer of protection to the authentication process. If someone steals your username and password but doesn't have your phone, they will not be able to impersonate you and access the system.

    How do I get it?

    Fill out this VUMC MFA Replacement Token Request If you have lost/replaced your phone or deleted your existing token from your phone.

    • Select Replace MobilePASS+ (purple) or MobilePASS (orange) token if you have lost/replaced your phone or deleted your existing token from your phone.
    • Once this token request has been processed, you will receive an e-mail from VUMC MFA ( with instructions on completing your enrollment. 
    • For additional guidance and frequently asked questions (FAQs), visit the VUMC MFA web site at

    If you need assistance enrolling your token or have questions which are not answered by the VUMC MFA web site, contact your local IT support provider or call the VUMC Help Desk at 3-HELP (615-343-4357).

    Programs and Platforms requiring MFA

    • Changing E-Password
    • Electronic Prescribing of Controlled Substances (EPCS) for licensed physicians only
    • Box
    • Big Edge F5 - VPN
    • Viewing or changing W-2 or tax information in C2HR
    • Editing your personal profile in Access VUMC