Network Services can help with all your IT and computer services needs. For your convenience you may come by our office or make an appointment for assistance with phones, tablets and personal laptops used for work. If you are having  problems with one of the Section supported desktop or laptop computers, we will come to meet you or remotely log-in to your system to help diagnose the issue.. 

For immediate assistance call 3-8906 or Email
Our highly-trained specialists provide comprehensive support for both PC and Macintosh equipment as well as mobile devices. 

  • Account management, email, log-in and permission assistance
  • Instruction and advise with new equipment and proper installation
  • Personal assistance with internet system issues
  • Section website general support, updating and selected maintenance
  • Computer malfunctions addressed and coordination of repair services

Eric A Howard
Manager Data Analytics
CCC-4317 Medical Center North
(615) 343-8906 (Main)
(615) 343-2905


  • Director, Network and Media Services
  • Manager Data Analytics


Sam Warren
System Administrator
CCC-4317 Medical Center North
Nashville 37232
(615) 343-8906 (Main)
(615) 322-5619

  • Computer Support
  • Computer Ordering
  • Resident and RN Photos


Paul Lang
System Administrator
CCC-4317 Medical Center North
(615) 343-8906 (Main)
(615) 343-7456


  • Web Content
  • Computer Support
  • Redcap Database
  • Dragon Training
  • Sitebuilder Training