Setting Up an Award

Notice of Grant Award and Award Acceptance

After negotiations the sponsor will send a grant award notice to Vanderbilt University Medical Center for review and acceptance by the authorized institutional official. This notice comes in a variety of formats (NOGA, NGA, award letter, etc.) In some cases the sponsor may send the award notice directly to the PI, VUMC Finance, or another central office instead of the grants office (OSP). When this occurs the individual in receipt of the award notice should contact the Office of Sponsored Programs to confirm whether OSP has also received a copy of the award.

OSP Review

When VUMC receives a Notice of Award from a sponsor, OSP will compare the award with the original proposal. Prior to acceptance OSP will contact the department to discuss any discrepancies between the proposal and award. OSP reviews the following award elements as part of the award acceptance process:

  • Project period
  • Funds awarded
  • Terms and conditions
  • Reporting schedule and procedures
  • Sponsor agency staff contacts
  • Sponsor award number
  • Cost share commitment
  • Approvals for use of human subjects (IRB) and laboratory animals (IACUC)
  • Any changes to the initial submission

After OSP has completed the negotiation and/or review of the award, an email with a copy of the award notice is sent to the PI, VUMC Finance, and multiple departmental administrators, depending on the area. Once the award has been accepted by VUMC, OSP will record and enter the award details into Coeus. Once the award is accepted, VUMC is contractually bound to perform whatever is documented in the award.