NIH Resubmission Policy

Following an unsuccessful resubmission (A1) application, applicants may submit the same idea as a new (A0) application for the next appropriate due date, effective for application due dates after April 16, 2014. The NIH and AHRQ will not assess the similarity of the science in the new (A0) application with any previously reviewed submission when accepting an application for review. Although a new (A0) application does not allow an introduction or responses to previous reviews, the NIH and AHRQ encourage applicants to refine and strengthen all application submissions. 

On January 22, 2015, NIH issued a reminder notice for this policy--NOT-OD-15-059:

The following content is not allowed anywhere in a new application or in support materials:

  • Introduction page(s) to respond to previous review critiques 
  • Mention of previous application's scores or critiques
  • Reference to comments made by reviewers on other applications 
  • Responses to previous review
  • Explanation of modifications to current application based on previous critiques 
  • Progress report
  • Progress report publication list

If the application is not submitted and formatted as a new submission, it will not be reviewed or considered for funding. 

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