1st No-Cost Extension Requests

No-cost extensions should be requested when additional time beyond the established expiration date is needed to complete the original project. All requests should be submitted before the end of a project. 

NIH Process

  • eRA Commons has an Extension link available for an institution's signing official to process a no-cost extension up to one year past the project's original end date. This link is available ninety (90) days before the project's end date
  • Should a grantee fail to process an NIH extension through the Commons link, the same documents required for a second NCE must be submitted to the sponsor: 
    • Letter to the sponsor signed by the Principal Investigator and Institutional Signing Official that details the new end date requested and reason for the extension
    • Detailed budget of the remaining funds to be used
    • Detailed budget justification 

All no-cost extension requests should be submitted in PEER.

**Second no-cost extensions should be requested no later than thirty (30) days before a project's end date 

No-Cost Extension Request Checklist

1st no-cost extension requests should be submitted in PEER: 


  • Do not submit to OSP for approval until Extension link is available in eRA Commons
  • Click on "Grants"→"Request for 1st No-Cost Extension"
  • Complete the form 
  • OSP will undertake the following review:
    • Verify that grant terms allow no-cost extensions
    • Verify that grant information matches the Coeus data
    • Verify that "Reason for Request" section is complete
    • Forward approval notification to VUMC Finance


  • Varies by agency. Please review agency-specific terms and conditions
  • No-cost extensions are emailed to OSP

*Incoming subawards require an amendment. Please contact OCM for procedural information

**2nd no-cost extension requests should be emailed to OSP, preferably ninety (90) days before expiration

No-Cost Extension Request Checklist PDF