Just-in-Time Procedures

What is a JIT request?

"JIT" or "Just-in-Time" refers to a timeframe within the application process, wherein a sponsor requests additional information from applicants reaching the minimum payline. This process decreases the administrative burden for the 75%-80% of the applications that will not receive funding and provides NIH with the most current information "just in time" for the award. 

Additional information for JIT is requested after peer review but before an award and is available for applications that meet established criteria. Departments should use discretion in choosing when to complete and submit JITs for those applications most likely to result in an award, based on the scored minimum payline. 

JIT information includes updated Other Support and IACUC, IRB, and human subjects education documentation. When the JIT link is displayed in the "Action" column of the investigator's NIH eRA Commons account, it signifies that the application has completed the peer review process and has received a rank for which funding may be possible. For additional information, NIH offers a standard JIT request example on their website

JIT Timeline

NIH activates the JIT link for all projects that receive a peer review impact score of 40 or less, regardless of the Institute's payline (see individual agency or center guidelines for specific values). Those principal investigators with eligible scores will receive an automated email regarding JIT immediately after the conclusion of the peer review phase, sometimes up to eight (8) months in advance of the expected start date; however, OSP recommends that investigators work or consult with their administrators to determine whether JIT submission is warranted. 

Due to the large volume of JIT requests that VUMC investigators receive, VUMC adheres to NIH's recommended JIT submission timing of 60 to 90 days before the expected start date. This recommendation acknowledges that key personnel's other support can and most likely will change between the time the JIT link is made available and the time NIH begins JIT review, anywhere form 45 to 60 days prior to the start date. 

PI and Department Responsibilities

60 to 90 days prior to the expected start date: 

  • Log-in to eRA Commons 
  • Click on "Status" at the top of the page
  • Select "Just-in-Time" on the left side of the screen
  • Search by grant number or PI name
  • Click on the "JIT" link under the "Action" column
  • Upload or enter the required information: 
  • Press the "save" button
  • Review submitted information by selecting "View Just-in-Time Report"
  • Notify department administrator that JIT is available for departmental review
  • Inform OSP by email that the JIT is ready and complete**
    • Include IACUC and IRB approvals, as applicable

*The option to enter dates is only available when the proposal indicates the presence of animal or human subject work

**eRA Commons does not directly notify OSP that a JIT is waiting approval

Find a PDF of this checklist here

OSP Responsibilities

Upon notification from the department, OSP will conduct the following actions: 

  • Log JIT request into PEER
  • Review JIT report from eRA Commons and verify information 
  • Contact department administrator in the event that changes are needed and provide instructions to the PI or designee for updating and saving submission
  • Department will again contact OSP once changes are made
  • Submit
  • Forward email confirmation from eRA Commons to the department