Biographical Sketch (Biosketch) Checklist

The biosketch is required for competing applications and progress reports. For additional information, please visit NIH's website.

General Information

  • Cannot exceed five (5) pages
  • Check Commons to ensure correct username and correct affiliation
  • List education/training - begin with undergraduate education, include postdoc and residency training if applicable 

Personal Statement

  • Include description of suitability for role in project
  • List up to four (4) publications or research products can be included to highlight experience
    • Include PMCIDs

Positions and Honors

  • Include positions held since completion of most recent degree 
  • In chronological order, i.e. current position listed last 
  • Students, postdoctorates, and junior faculty should include scholarships, traineeships, fellowships, and development awards
  • Clinicians should include information on clinical licensure and specialty board certification 
  • Include present memberships on any federal government public advisory committees 

Contributions to Science

  • List up to five (5) contributions to science
    • No longer than 1/2 page
    • List up to four (4) papers accepted for publication or research products relevant to each contribution 
    • URLs to each published work can be included

Additional Information: Research Support and/or Scholastic Performance

  • Includes research support rather than other support--retroactive rather than future 
    • "Other support" information will be required for all funded applications. NIH will request complete and up-to-date information after peer review
  • Highlight accomplishments and those of colleagues as scientists
    • Provide information to be used by reviewers in the assessment of each individual's qualifications for a specific role in the proposed project, as well as to evaluate the overall qualifications of the research team
  • List selected ongoing and completed (within the last three [3] years) research projects
    • Both federal and non-federal
    • Do not list monetary amounts or effort 

Biographical Sketch (Biosketch) Checklist PDF