Radioactive Materials Safety Training

Initial and annual refresher radiation safety training is required for individuals who will be working with radioactive material at Vanderbilt University or Medical Center. The initial radiation safety training consists of two parts: a General Radiation Safety Course lecture, and an online Vanderbilt Radiation Safety Orientation. 

Please send questions about radioactive material safety training to .

Radioactive Material Safety Training Requirements

Initial Radiation Safety Training 

Part 1: General Radioactive Material Safety Course (classroom lecture)

This course covers radiation principles and basic radiation safety practices in an in-class setting; this course must be completed prior to taking Part 2, Vanderbilt Radiation Safety Orientation Training.  Registration is required.  To register, log in to the University or Medical Center Learning Exchange, search for "radiation" and enroll in the course titled Initial Radiation Safety Training, Part 1: General Radioactive Material Safety.

Note: If you completed a basic radiation safety class prior to coming to Vanderbilt and can provide documentation of this training, you may be exempt from Part 1 training.  Send training documentation to

Part 2: Vanderbilt Radioactive Material Safety Orientation (online)

This course covers the safe practices and policies for radioactive material users at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center. This training is assigned online after you have met the Part 1 Initial Radiation Safety Training requirements.

Annual Radioactive Materials Safety Training (refresher training)

If it has been eleven months or more since your initial radiation safety training, you must complete the annual refresher training.   This training is available online, and is assigned each year in July.  Alternatively, to self-enroll in this course, log into the University or Medical Center Learning Exchange and search for the course title.   

Radiation Safety Policy and Reference Materials

Course Training Schedule