Radioactive Materials Safety Training

Radiation safety training is required for anyone who is, or will be, listed as a radiation worker on a PI's radioactive material permit. Radiation workers include anyone who will be directly handling radioactive materials in either a research or clinical setting. Training includes two parts: an initial training course provided by OCRS in a classroom setting, and an annual online training course.

Note that completion of the training does not immediately authorize you to begin working with radioactive materials. Once initial and annual training is complete, your lab manager or PI will need to request you be added to their permit using this link.

Please send questions about radioactive material safety training to

Initial Radiation Safety Training: General Radioactive Material Safety Course

This lecture course covers radiation principles and basic radiation safety practices in an in-class setting.  Following completion of this course, you must self-enroll in the appropriate annual radiation safety training course; the initial course must be completed first.  You must complete both the initial course and the annual course before you can be approved as a radiation worker.

Initial Radiation Safety Training Registration and Schedule:

Use this link to register. If you have problems, email

Date Time Location
12/13/23 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 412
1/10/24 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 412
2/14/24 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 439
3/13/24 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 412
4/10/24 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 412
5/8/24 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 412
6/12/24 1:30-3:25 PM RLH 412

Note: If you completed a basic radiation safety class prior to coming to Vanderbilt and can provide documentation of this training, you may be exempt from Part 1 training.  Send training documentation to

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, courses will be performed as a video conference until further notice. Following registration, you will be sent additional information on how to participate.

Annual Radiation Safety Training

Annual radiation safety training is required following the initial training and annually thereafter. All active radiation workers listed on a radioactive materials permit will be enrolled in the appropriate annual training every July, the beginning of the new fiscal year regardless of your previous completion date.

The annual radiation safety training is available for self-enrollment on the VUMC Learning Exchange and VU Oracle Learn training sites. 

Radiation Safety Policy and Reference Materials