N95 Respirator Fit Testing for Animal Research Personnel with an Animal Allergy

If your research or work activities include working with research animals and the Occupational Health Clinic (OHC) or Student Health Services has determined that you should wear a particulate respirator for these activities and you have chosen NOT to decline respirator use, then you will take the following actions:

  1. Send an email to respirator@vumc.org to start the training and fit testing process.
    1. Use “Animal Allergen N95 Respirator Training Request” in the subject line.
    2. In the email, provide your name, job title, supervisor’s name, animal protocol number that you are approved to work on, whether you are a Vanderbilt University (VU) or Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) staff member, and confirm that Occupational Health Clinic has reviewed your N95 medical evaluation and cleared you for N95 respirator use.
  2. The OCRS Hospital and Clinical Safety Section will contact you to schedule an appointment, and provide other necessary details.
    1. PLEASE DO NOT attempt to schedule your own appointment using the Acuity Scheduling application or attend a walk-in N95 fit testing fair. These are for clinical personnel who use an N95 respirators in clinical settings, so it would not be appropriate for staff in the Animal Allergens program to attend.
    2. PLEASE NOTE: When you attend your N95 fit test appointment you will be fit tested with the current N95 respirator brand and styles used at VUMC. OCRS will provide you a small supply of these N95 respirators to take with you, but it will be the responsibility of your supervisor to purchase more of these particular N95 respirators for your continued use. OCRS will provide all necessary ordering information.

      If you choose NOT to use the N95 respirator brand and styles provided by OCRS, and wish to use an alternate respirator instead, you must bring the chosen alternative N95 respirator to your fit test appointment. Your Principal Investigator or supervisor will be responsible for supplying the alternate N95 respirator. Ensure to always bring your chosen alternative N95 respirator to future N95 fit testing appointments with OCRS.

If you have specific questions regarding infectious disease research, please contact OCRS Biosafety.

Click here for information about the clinical N-95 Respirator Program.