Kim Sandler Talks Lung Cancer Screening in ACR Voice of Radiology Blog

VUMC Radiology Associate Professor Kim Sandler, MD, recently wrote about the importance of lung cancer screening for ACR's Voice of Radiology Blog ahead of National Lung Cancer Screening Day on November 11.

"Lung cancer screening saves lives through the early detection of disease," writes Dr. Sandler. "Often, these patients are eligible for curative resection, with significant improvement in both morbidity and mortality when compared to late-stage diagnosis. However, disparities remain in enrollment and adherence to annual screening for lung cancer, particularly in rural communities and minority groups."

"The Vanderbilt Lung Screening Program team is very much looking forward to participating in LCS Day. Last year, we participated in the inaugural event unsure of exactly what to expect. The day was extremely successful, both because of the number of people who were able to be screened and for the experience that we were able to provide. What we heard from our patients was gratitude — gratitude for providing lung screening and specifically for making the opportunity available on Saturday. Many of our Screening Day participants were dependent on friends or family members for transportation and struggled to coordinate travel during the week. They also could not take time away from work to undergo screening."

Read more of Dr. Sandler's article on the ACR's website.