Resident Research

Our residents are strongly supported to pursue all avenues of research, both within and outside the Department of Radiation Oncology, including basic, translational, and clinical research. Residents interested in basic or translational research have the opportunity to work with the Radiation Oncology faculty or any Vanderbilt researcher of their choice. Residents have also participated in prestigious research fellowships outside of Vanderbilt. Some of our recent collaborations have been with Vanderbilt University basic science labs, Pulmonology, Vanderbilt University Institute of Imaging Science (VUIIS), and industry. All residents receive at least 12 months of dedicated research or elective time. Residents are encouraged to develop early involvement with national and institutional clinical trials. Several of our current and former residents have worked with a faculty mentor to initiate clinical trials. Residents accomplishments can be viewed here.

Research space within the Department of Radiation Oncology consists of 10,000 sq. ft. of radiation biology research space that includes a 300 kVp X-ray machine, and a Cs-137 source. There are 1,000 sq. ft. dedicated to physics and dosimetry research. Special research facilities include radiation biology laboratory for the treatment of animal tumor models and cells in culture. Residents can assess all Cancer Center Core Laboratories including Molecular Recognition, Mass Spectrometry, Cell Imaging, Micro Array, Laser Dissection and Electron Microscopy. Special clinical research facilities include imaging modalities in radiology for 3 dimensional treatment planning and intensity modulated radiation therapy.

Holman Research Pathway

We have a significant history of residents who completed the selective ABR Holman Research Pathway, which includes 18 months of dedicated research time. Recent alumni of this program from Vanderbilt since 2006 are shown below. Resulting from their participation, our residents have received prestigious awards like the ASTRO Resident Research Seed Award for $25,000, the ASTRO Annual Meeting Resident Clinical/Basic Science Research Abstract Award in radiation and cancer biology, and the RSNA Roentgen Resident Research Award. 

D. Nathan Kim, MD, PhD (now at Vanderbilt)
Christopher Willey, MD, PhD (now at UAB)
Roberto Diaz, MD, PhD (now at Moffitt)
Jerry Jaboin, MD, PhD (now at Chair at Oklahoma)
Eddy Yang, MD, PhD (now at Chair at Kentucky)
David Yu, MD, PhD (now at Emory)
Yong Cha, MD, PhD (now at Norton Cancer Institute)
Michael Greenbaum, MD, PhD (now at Greenville)
Ildiko Csiki, MD, PhD (now CMO at Riboscience)
Gregory Vlacich, MD, PhD (now at WashU)
Austin Kirschner MD, PhD (now at Vanderbilt)
Clayton Smith, MD, PhD (now at Ochsner)
Chirayu Patel, MD, MPH (now at Harvard/MGH)
Brent Cameron, MD, PhD (now at CARTI)
Christien Kluwe, MD, PhD (now at UT San Antonio) 
Anne Rajkumar, MD (now at Mayo) 

Dakim Gaines, MD, PhD (now at Vanderbilt)

Jill De Vis, MD, PhD (class of 2024)

Samuel Jean-Baptiste, MD (Class of 2024)

Resident Publications & Awards

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