Resident Accolades

Many of our residents publish in peer-reviewed journals, present at national meetings, serve in national leadership roles, and have been awarded grants. Congratulations to our current medical residents (and recent graduates) on their recent publications and awards!

Current Residents

Radiation Oncology Residents, 2023-2024

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    Bingham BS*, Facer BD*, Fleisch SB, Walker JN, Ahmad M, Osmundson EC. Radiation Therapy Adherence Among Patients Experiencing Homelessness. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys. 2021 Mar. PMID: 33127492. *Co-first Authors

    Sherry AD, Bingham BS, Kim E, Monsour M, Luo G, Attia A, Chambless LB, Cmelak AJ. Secondary malignancy following stereotactic radiosurgery for benign neurologic disease: A cohort study and review of the literature. J Radiosurg SBRT. 2020. PMID: 32185088

    Khattab, MH, Sherry, AD, Whitaker RM, Wharton, DM, Weaver, KD, Cmelak, AJ, Chambless, LB and Attia, A.  A Retrospective Cohort Study of Longitudinal Audiologic Assessment in Single and Fractionated Stereotactic Radiosurgery for Vestibular Schwannoma.  Neurosurgery; 2019. PMID: 31215628.

    Whitaker RM, Newman N, and Osmundson EC.  Cancer Database Analyses Require Cautious Interpretation, Careful Approach.  Annals of Thoracic Surg. 2021. PMID: 33497667 

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    Kirschner AN, Wang J, Rajkumar-Calkins A, Neuzil K, Chang SS. Intravesical Anti-PD-1 Immune Checkpoint Inhibition Treats Urothelial Bladder Cancer in a Mouse Model. Journal of Urology, 2021. PMID 33356477.

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    Khattab MH, Sherry AD, Devan SP, Luo G, Chaballout BH, Jean-Baptiste S, Xu J, Bick S, Petrie WM, Cmelak AJ. Noninvasive capsulotomy for refractory depression by frameless stereotactic radiosurgery. Int J Radiat Oncol Biol Phys, 2022 Aug. PMID 35595157

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    • MOBILE: Mitigating Osteoarthritis by Intervention with Low-Dose Irradiation to Extremities

      • Investigators: Dr. Austin Dove (PI), Dr. Austin Kirschner, Dr. Tony Cmelak, Dr. Ryan Whitaker, Dr. Ashwin Shinde

    • VMAT: Vertebral Bone Marrow in Lung Cancer Attention Trial

      • Investigators: Dr. Evan Osmundson (Co-PI), Dr. Neil Newman (Co-PI, former resident), Dr. Austin Dove

    • Utilization of 18F-FGln PET/CT Imaging in Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma.

      • Investigators: Dr. Dakim Gaines, Dr. WK Rathmell, Dr. BI Rini. 2020.

    • The relationship between tumor hypoxia, tumor recurrence, and radiation necrosis in patients with brain metastases undergoing stereotactic radiosurgery for local control. 2022

      • Investigators: Dr. Jill De Vis, Dr. Evan Osmundson, Dr. MJ Donahue.

    • TESSERACT: Trial in ES-SCLC Enhancing Response to Atezolizumab and Chemotherapy with Total Body Irradiation. 

      • Investigators: Dr. Ryan Whitaker, Dr. Dakim Gaines, Dr. Evan Osmundson, 2020.

    • IST-370: Phase I/II Clinical Trial Evaluating the Role of Selinexor in Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer Treatment (SELECT).

      • Co-Investigator: Dr. Ryan Whitaker

    • SICARIO: Phase I/II Trial of Split-Course Adaptive Radioimmunotherapy for the Treatment of Oligometastatic Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer using Biologically-Adaptive Radiotherapy.

      • Investigator: Dr. Ryan Whitaker 

    • NIH NLM T15 Training Grant, to pursue Masters in Clinical Bioinformatics, 2022 - 2024
      • Dr. Samuel Jean-Baptiste
    • NIH R21, $250,000 Direct Costs, 2022
      • Dr. Jill De Vis
    • AACR-Clinical Oncology Research (CORE) Training Fellowship, 2923 $100,000
      • Dr. Ha Pham
    • AACR Molecular Biology in Clinical Oncology Acceptance 2022
      • Dr. Gakim Gaines
    • ASTRO Advocacy Day Travel Grant Recipient, 2022
      • Dr. Kyra McComas
    • ASTRO-AstraZeneca Research Fellowship, $100,000
      • Dr. Ryan Whitaker
    • Vanderbilt Institute for Clinical and Translational Research (VICTR) Grant Total $5,000
      • Dr. Austin Dove
    • Oral Presentation and Press Program Selection, ASTRO Annual Meeting, 2021
      • Dr. Brian Bingham
    • Techquity Design Challenge: 2nd Place, Vanderbilt Clinical Informatics Center
      • Dr. Brian Bingham
    • ASTRO Advocacy Day Travel Grant Recipient, 2020
      • Dr. Brian Bingham
    • ECOG-ACRIN Minority Scholarship Award, 2021
      • Dr. Dakim Gaines
    • ​​​ECOG-ACRIN Travel Scholarship Award, 2023
      • Dr. Samuel Jean-Baptiste

    • Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO), Executive Committee Member
      • Dr. Dakim Gaines, 2020 - 2022
    • Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO), Co-Chair Global Health Subcommittee
      • Dr. Dakim Gaines, 2020 - 2022
    • Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO), Global Health Subcommittee
      • Dr. Kyra McComas, 2021 – 2022
    • Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO), Climate, Health, Equity & Sustainability Task Force (CHEST)
      • Dr. Kyra McComas, 2022 – present
    • Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology (ARRO), Education Subcommittee
      • Dr. Austin Dove, 2021 - 2022
    • ASTRO International Research and Scientific Innovation Subcommittee
      • Dr. Dakim Gaines, 2022 - present
    • Global Coalition for Radiotherapy (GCR) Resident Partners
      • Dr. Kyra McComas, Founder, 2022 - present