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25-June-2019 Upcoming Deadline - July 5 

NSF Biosketch Update, Effective January 2020

13-May-2019 Reminder for Upcoming T32 Deadline: NIH Training Applications Require Institutional Letter of Commitment to Protections Against Harassment and Discrimination
6-May-2019 User-Submitted Question: What Is the Process for Submitting an RPPR for a Non-Research Project When the PI Does Not Have Any Effort? 
30-April-2019 The More You Know: An Easier Way to Input Subaward Budgets in Coeus
24-April-2019 Spring Cleaning: Coeus Budget Cost Elements
22-April-2019 New Coeus Indirect Rate-Type: Foundation
17-April-2019 Changes to the NIH Salary Cap for FY 2019
12-April-2019 Federal Government to Replace DUNS Numbers with New Unique Entity Identifiers by December 2020
11-April-2019 User-Submitted Question: What Is the OSP Process to Relinquish a Grant (Outgoing)?
3-April-2019 The More You Know: Using the PDF for Review in Coeus
1-April-2019 New eRA Website Launching This Month
29-Mar-2019 Reminder: Providing a Detailed Overlap Statement Within Other Support
26-Mar-2019 Including the Required ‘Inclusion Across the Lifespan’ Information Within an NIH Application
22-Mar-2019 Reminder: Calculating Effort on the Key Person Tab
21-Mar-2019 The More You Know: Working with Foreign Collaborators and Submitting a Foreign Justification
18-Mar-2019 User-Submitted Question: Does a Fellowship Biosketch Differ From a Traditional Biosketch?
15-Mar-2019 Reminder: Upcoming NIH Fellowship Deadline and the Submission of Reference Letters
11-Mar-2019 Introduction to the Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development (VPRAD): Training Opportunity
8-Mar-2019 New DISCOVR-E Enhancements
6-Mar-2019 User-Submitted Question: Where Is VUMC’s Most Recent W-9 Located?
4-Mar-2019 OSP Approval of Changed-Corrected Applications on Deadline Days
1-Mar-2019 The More You Know: Validations in Coeus (Including the New ‘NIH Validation’ Button!)
27-Feb-2019 User-Submitted Question: Should a Resubmission Application Include the Previous Coeus Institute Proposal Number?
25-Feb-2019 GrantForward Now Available at VUMC
21-Feb-2019 Issue: Inability to Log in to Commons
20-Feb-2019 Updated Form: Letter-of-Intent (LOI) Template for Sponsored Billing Agreements with Vanderbilt University
18-Feb-2019 User-Submitted Question: Can an Applicant Embed Hyperlinks Within an NIH Application?
15-Feb-2019 Release of Revised NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG)
13-Feb-2019 Concurrent vs. Complementary Effort on K-Awards
11-Feb-2019 The More You Know: PCORI Application Process
6-Feb-2019 Research Support vs. Other Support
4-Feb-2019 Deadline Eve Reminders
1-Feb-2019 User-Submitted Question: When Is an NIH Resubmission to a Different RFA or PA Considered ‘New’?
30-Jan-2019 Reminder: Washington’s Birthday and What Happens When NIH Grant Due Dates Fall on Weekends or Holidays
28-Jan-2019 eRA Commons System Update: New Validations for HSS When Completing an RPPR
25-Jan-2019 Requirement for NIH Training Applications: VUMC Institutional Letter of Commitment to Protections Against Harassment and Discrimination
23-Jan-2019 eRA Commons System Update: New Two-Step Submission Process for RPPRs Containing Inclusion Enrollment Data
21-Jan-2019 Discontinuation of NIH’s New Investigator R01 Resubmission Deadline Policy
18-Jan-2019 Updated: VUMC Proposal Preparation – VUMC Fact Sheet
16-Jan-2019 New Cost Center Requirements in eSMART Support Improved Research Participant Billing
14-Jan-2019 Reminder: Applying VUMC’s New F&A Rate to Pending, Competitive Applications
11-Jan-2019 New VUMC F&A Rate Agreement (FY 2019) – 12/26/18
9-Jan-2019 Implementation of the Revised Common Rule
7-Jan-2019 Basic Experimental Studies with Humans Required” FOAs
4-Jan-2019 Attention: Expired Federal Funding Opportunities
2-Jan-2019 Government Shutdown Information
21-Dec-2018 User-Submitted Question: Should We Use VUMC’s LOI When VUMC Is the Subrecipient?
19-Dec-2018 Happy Holidays from OSP!
17-Dec-2018 Updated SF-424 (R&R) Application Instructions
11-Dec-2018 VUMC’s Annual Uniform Guidance (UG) Audit Results – FY 2018
7-Dec-2018 FY 2019 NIH Funding Levels
5-Dec-2018 NIH Stipend and Benefit Increases for Kirschstein-NRSA – FY 2019
3-Dec-2018 The More You Know: FY 2019 NIH Fiscal Operations and the All of Us Research Program
28-Nov-2018 Upcoming Deadline for NCI Diversity Supplement
27-Nov-2018 The More You Know: PIs or PI Delegates Can Now View Prior Approval No-Cost Extension Requests in eRA Commons
19-Nov-2018 User-Submitted Question: Is There a Central Database for Other Institutions’ F&A Agreements?
12-Nov-2018 Reminder: American Heart Association Award Acceptance Process
9-Nov-2018 The More You Know: Prior Approval Through eRA Commons
7-Nov-2018 User-Submitted Question: What Are the Reporting Requirements for Those Awards Entering a No-Cost Extension?
5-Nov-2018 RPPR Reminders
2-Nov-2018 Revised: FY 2019 NIH Grants Policy Statement
31-Oct-2018 Important: Submissions After October 21, 2018
29-Oct-2018 Reminder: Include Coeus or PEER Numbers in Emails to OSP
26-Oct-2018 Reminder: Font and Text Size in Applications
22-Oct-2018 Prime Organizations Without an ACUP or IACUC
19-Oct-2018 Reminder: When to Request Pre-Award Spending
17-Oct-2018 What Happens to an NIH Application Once It “Leaves” VUMC?
15-Oct-2018 Unique Budgeting Scenario: IDC (Indirect Cost) Recovery
12-Oct-2018 K Award Deadline
10-Oct-2018 Understanding the NSF Biosketch Format
8-Oct-2018 The More You Know: NIH Applications With a Third-Tier Subcontract/Consortium
5-Oct-2018 Deadline Day Reminders
3-Oct-2018 Reminder: NIH Stipend and Benefit Increases
1-Oct-2018 User-Submitted Question: How Does NIH Determine an Individual’s Early Stage/New Investigator Eligibility?
28-Sept-2018 User-Submitted Question: Calculating Indirect Cost Recovery
26-Sept-2018 Is OSP Approval Required Before Proposal Submission?
24-Sept-2018 Reminder: Other Support in RPPRs
21-Sept-2018 NIH eRA Commons Account Delegations
19-Sept-2018 Resource Toolkit: RPPR Other Support
17-Sept-2018 RPPRs: Who Can Do What?
14-Sept-2018 When to Submit a JIT
13-Sept-2018 VUMC F&A Rate Agreement (FY 2019)
12-Sept-2018 Upcoming October and November Deadlines
10-Sept-2018 Updated 2018 NIH Funding Paylines
7-Sept-2018 Updating Blog Subscription to New VUMC Address
5-Sept-2018 NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP) – Application Cycle Now Open
31-Aug-2018 The More You Know: Indirect Costs and Foundation Awards
29-Aug-2018 User-Submitted Question: Can OSP Review and Submit an RPPR in eRA Commons Before Both the Coeus Continuation and PEER Log Have Been Received?
27-Aug-2018 The More You Know: Marking Changes in NIH Resubmission Applications
24-Aug-2018 Internal Review Deadlines for RPPR
22-Aug-2018 Requesting Items That Require OSP Assistance or Approval
20-Aug-2018 The More You Know: Interim RPPRs
17-Aug-2018 Resource Toolkit: Reorganizing Key Personnel in Coeus
15-Aug-2018 The More You Know: How to Apply for Pre-Award Spending
13-Aug-2018 The More You Know: NIH Modular vs. Detailed Budgets
10-Aug-2018 How to Determine the Due Date for an Upcoming RPPR
8-Aug-2018 The More You Know: ProposalCentral
6-Aug-2018 User-Submitted Question: Do PIs Need to Submit a “Progress Report” During a No-Cost Extension?
3-Aug-2018 Using Temporary or Ad-Hoc Reviewer Status to Submit During NIH’s Two-Week “Late Window of Consideration” Grace Period
1-Aug-2018 Resource Toolkit: Other Support
30-July-2018 Change to OSP’s Email Address
27-July-2018 Updated Form: Protection of Human Subjects Assurance Identification/IRB Certification/Declaration of Exemption (Common Rule)
25-July-2018 Resource Toolkit: Fellowship Activation Forms
23-July-2018 The More You Know: The DOD-CDMRP Application
20-July-2018 Announcement: NIH Fraudulent Phone Solicitations
18-July-2018 Reminder: NIH Policy Regarding Changes to Program Directors, Principals Investigators, or Other Senior/Key Personnel Named in the Notice of Award (NoA)
16-July-2018 The More You Know: Overlap Statements
13-July-2018 Vanderbilt Program in Research Administration Development (VPRAD): New Cohort Starts in August
11-July-2018 Resource Toolkit: Personnel Reporting in RPPRs
9-July-2018 Annual, Interim, and Final RPPR Update: Use of Delegations for RPPR Initiation and Changes in Decimal Allowances for Effort Reporting
6-July-2018 What is a DUNS number?
2-July-2018 Welcome, Brandon!
29-June-2018 Need an eRA Commons Account?
27-June-2018 The More You Know: Interim Progress Reports
25-June-2018 The More You Know: Requesting a Second NIH No-Cost Extension
22-June-2018 Resource Toolkit: Fonts and Spacing in NIH Applications
20-June-2018 Reporting on Foreign Components in the RPPR (Section G.9)
18-June-2018 The More You Know: NIH Resubmission Applications
15-June-2018 eRA Commons System Change: Human Subjects System (HSS) and Impact on Upcoming RPPR Submissions
13-June-2018 Tips of the Trade: Choosing the Correct FOA
11-June-2018 Policy Reminder: Post-Submission Material for Applications Submitted to NIH, AHRQ, and NIOSH
8-June-2018 An Invitation to the Department of Medicine’s “Coffee Break”
6-June-2018 How to Request an NIH Awarding Component or Study Section
4-June-2018 eCat: Verifying NCT Numbers in the New FORMS-E Human Subjects Information Section
1-June-2018 Deadline for NIH Grant Submissions
30-May-2018 What Happens When OSP Requires More Documentation Than the Sponsor?
25-May-2018 Quick Tip: Locating 4-Digit Zip Code
23-May-2018 Common Mistakes: PHS 398 Research Plan
21-May-2018 IACUC Protocols
16-May-2018 The More You Know: What Documents Are Required for Incoming Subs (to VUMC)
14-May-2018 The More You Know: Reading and Understanding a Notice of Award (NOA)
11-May-2018 Adding an Alternate Submitter in eBRAP
9-May-2018 What to Do When a Sponsor Sends an Award Letter Directly to the PI
7-May-2018 Common Mistakes: R&R Budgets
4-May-2018 What Is the Difference Between PMCID and PMID Numbers?
2-May-2018 Responsible Conduct of Research Training
30-Apr-2018 How to Read an NIH Grant Number
27-Apr-2018 Modification to NIH Closeout Policy: OSP Submission of F-RPPRs
27-Apr-2018 Resource Toolkit: Grants Podcast
25-Apr-2018 Resource Toolkit: NIAID Sample Applications
23-Apr-2018 The More You Know: Center for Scientific Review
20-Apr-2018 Letter-of-Intent Checklist for VUMC Outgoing Subcontracts
18-Apr-2018 The More You Know: Deadline Dates Listed in the Mailing Info Tab of Coeus (Updated)
16-Apr-2018 Common Mistakes: R&R Senior/Key Personnel
13-Apr-2018 The More You Know: Resource Sharing Plans
11-Apr-2018 Progress Report Additional Materials (PRAM)
9-Apr-2018 The More You Know: Proposal Reference Letters
4-Apr-2018 The More You Know: Letters of Intent for Applications
2-Apr-2018 Resource Toolkit: Converting Percent Effort to Person Months
30-Mar-2018 User Submitted Question: Can a PI Change the Proposal on an Error-Free S2S Coeus Application That Already Has Been Submitted to an Agency?
28-Mar-2018 New Investigator Deadlines
26-Mar-2018 User-Submitted Question: Do All Awards Require Prior Approval for Carryforward?
23-Mar-2018 Common Mistakes: NSF Proposals
21-Mar-2018 The More You Know: Good Clinical Practice (GCP) Training Requirement
19-Mar-2018 Updated: Proposal Preparation – VUMC Fact Sheet
16-Mar-2018 New NSF Account Management System
14-Mar-2018 The More You Know: Complying with the NIH Public Access Policy
12-Mar-2018 Proposal Narratives in Coeus and eCat
9-Mar-2018 Changes to the NIH Salary Cap
7-Mar-2018 User Submitted Question: What Is the Resubmission Process for an Application That Receives an eRA Commons Error?
5-Mar-2018 The More You Know: SAM Exclusion Records
2-Mar-2018 Common Mistakes: SF 424 Form
28-Feb-2018 Submitting to the National Science Foundation
26-Feb-2018 Center for Technology Transfer and Commercialization
23-Feb-2018 100th Blog
21-Feb-2018 Adding or Removing Users From Coeus
19-Feb-2018 What Must Be Included for Outgoing Subcontracts Within a Coeus Proposal?
16-Feb-2018 Form Change: LOI Template
14-Feb-2018 Applications Requiring Special Documentation
12-Feb-2018 Submitting a Proposal in Coeus Before a PI Has Started at VUMC
9-Feb-2018 S2S Functionality for HRSA Proposals
7-Feb-2018 Research Support vs. Other Support
5-Feb-2018 What Must Be Included in a Coeus Proposal?
2-Feb-2018 IRB and IACUC Amendments
31-Jan-2018 Process Change: NIH Prior Approval Requirement for Any Application Requesting 500k or More in Direct Costs Within a Single Budget Period
29-Jan-2018 NIH Late Policy / Late Windows of Consideration
26-Jan-2018 Policy Change: Revision to NIH Policy and Guidelines on the Inclusion of Children
24-Jan-2018 Resource Toolkit: Consortium Justification for Modular Budgets
24-Jan-2018 Policy Change: Publication of the Project Outcomes Section of All Interim and Final RPPRs
23-Jan-2018 FORMS-E: R01 and R21 Parent Announcements
22-Jan-2018 Update: Government Shutdown
22-Jan-2018 Special Announcement: Government Shutdown
19-Jan-2018 DOD Proposal Attachments
17-Jan-2018 Tips of the Trade: Mechanism-Specific Instructions for SF-424 Budgets (FORMS-E)
15-Jan-2018 FORMS-E: Avoiding Redundancies
12-Jan-2018 IRB Review and OHRP Registration
10-Jan-2018 Spotlight On: R21s
8-Jan-2018 Reduction of Effort During No-Cost Extension
5-Jan-2018 Inflation Rate Increases and Modular Budgets
3-Jan-2018 Human Subjects Training
29-Dec-2017 Other Support: Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
20-Dec-2017 Policy Change: NIH Enforcement of Closeout Policies
18-Dec-2017 Happy Holidays From OSP!
15-Dec-2017 FORMS-E: Changes to the NIH Appendix Policy for Application Due Dates on or After January 25, 2018
13-Dec-2017 American Heart Association Award Acceptance Process
11-Dec-2017 FORMS-E: How to Determine if a Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA) Accepts Clinical Trials
8-Dec-2017 Calculating Carryforward for RPPRs
7-Dec-2017 FORMS-E: eCat Tool Now Available in Coeus
6-Dec-2017 FORMS-E: Clinical Trial-Specific Parent Announcements
5-Dec-2017 FORMS-E: Coeus and eCat
4-Dec-2017 What Happens When NIH Grant Due Dates Fall on Weekends or Holidays?
1-Dec-2017 FORMS-E: Expansion of Clinical Trial Definition
29-Nov-2017 NIH’s “Use of Single Institutional Review Board of Record for Multi-Site Research” Policy
27-Nov-2017 Spread the Word: How to Subscribe to OSP’s Blog
22-Nov-2017 Policy Reminder: Total Direct Cost Minus Consortium F&A
20-Nov-2017 PCORI: Progress Report Approval
17-Nov-2017 Taking a Look at Section E in Coeus
15-Nov-2017 Release of Revised NSF Proposal and Award Policies and Procedures Guide (PAPPG)
14-Nov-2017 Updated: Proposal Preparation – VUMC Fact Sheet
13-Nov-2017 Submitting Data to dbGaP
10-Nov-2017 Resource Toolkit: Pre-Application Process
8-Nov-2017 Winter Weather and NIH Grant Submissions
6-Nov-2017 NIH’s Next Generation Researchers Policy
3-Nov-2017 Policy Change: Implementation of Overlap Statements in RPPR Other Support
1-Nov-2017 Fellowship Activation Forms
31-Oct-2017 VUMC Finance Process Change: Check and Cash Deposit Deliveries
30-Oct-2017 Resource Toolkit: Equipment Requests
27-Oct-2017 NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP) - Application Cycle Now Open
25-Oct-2017 What Is the Application Process for dbGaP?
23-Oct-2017 Funding Paylines
20-Oct-2017 Eligibility for American Heart Association Applications
18-Oct-2017 NIH Implementation of Automatic Certficates of Confidentiality
16-Oct-2017 NIH Genomic Data Sharing Policy and Institutional Certification Process
13-Oct-2017 Continuous Submission
11-Oct-2017 Reviewing NIH Appendix Guidance
9-Oct-2017 Change of Grantee Institution - Outgoing Transfer
6-Oct-2017 American Heart Association Deadlines
4-Oct-2017 Proposal Preparation - VUMC Fact Sheet
2-Oct-2017 Biosketches for Congressionally Directed Medical Research Programs (CDMRP)
29-Sep-2017 Requests for Interim RPPR Additional Materials (IRAM) via Commons
27-Sep-2017 Affiliating Users in eBRAP
25-Sep-2017 When to Submit a JIT
22-Sep-2017 User Submitted Questions: What Is a Salary Cap,and Do All Federal Agencies Impose Salary Caps on Their Grants?
20-Sep-2017 Common Mistakes in Biosketches
18-Sep-2017 Ensuring NIH Applications Are Complete and in Compliance
13-Sep-2017 NIH Financial Reporting Due Dates
13-Sep-2017 R01 and U01 Deadlines Approaching
11-Sep-2017 Useable Grant Text
8-Sep-2017 Changing the Displayed Institution in eRA Commons
6-Sep-2017 NIH Loan Repayment Programs (LRP) - Application Cycle Now Open
4-Sep-2017 When to Request IACUC and IRB Approvals for a Pending Application
1-Sep-2017 Salary Supplementation and Compensation on Research Career Development K-Awards
30-Aug-2017 When and How to Include a Foreign Justification
28-Aug-2017 FORMS-E for Due Dates On or After January 25, 2018
25-Aug-2017 No-Cost Extension Requests
25-Aug-2017 VUMC F&A Rate Agreement (FY 2018)
23-Aug-2017 NIH-Discovery Channel Documentary, First in Human (3 of 3)
21-Aug-2017 Non-Modular NIH Proposals Where There Is a Direct Cost Limit
18-Aug-2017 Final RPPR Submission
16-Aug-2017 NIH--Discovery Channel Documentary, First in Human (2 of 3)
14-Aug-2017 Modular Budgets and Consortium Justification
11-Aug-2017 Transferring a Relinquished NIH Grant From Another Institution to VUMC (Incoming Transfer)
9-Aug-2017 NIH-Discovery Channel Documentary, First in Human (1 of 3)
7-Aug-2017 Reducing Duplicate eRA Commons Accounts
4-Aug-2017 Subscribe to NIH's "Weekly Table of Contents"
2-Aug-2017 New Coeus Budget Review Requirements
1-Aug-2017 NIH/AHRQ and NIOSH: Post Submission Materials
31-Jul-2017 RPPR Submissions
28-Jul-2017 NRSA Predoctoral Stipends, Training-Related Expenses, Institutional Allowance and Tuition/Fees FY2017
27-Jul-2017 Grants Specialist Search Feature in PEER
7-Jul-2017 xTrain Access for Department Admins
27-Jun-2017 Proposal Budget Forms
27-Jun-2017 VU/VUMC Rolodex Changes
23-Jun-2017 Welcome, Nicole!