Requesting and Approval


VUMC's REDCap application is used to place a request for a traveler resource, regardless of the VUMC enterprise the traveler is needed for. Your first step will vary based on your role within  the organization. If you are a Manager or Director you will need to contact the Chief Nursing Officer for your facility or entity (In the Adult Hospital contact the Director of Nursing Workforce). If you are a CNO you can go directly to the correct link below and submit a request. The request links are listed below and are specific to each entity. Please be sure to use the correct entity or your request will be delayed in identifying the action needed to get the request re-routed to the appropriate entity and approver. Nursing Support Services is available for guidance and instruction at any point through the process.



Using the REDCap system your request will move through each level, or approver, designated by policy to be a required approver for your request. Before your request can be sent to Cross Country Staffing to be filled all approvers must have received, reviewed, and approved your request. A typical approval request will include: Administrative Director (if the request is submitted by a Manager), Associate Nursing Officer (if applicable), Chief Nursing Officer, Executive Chief Nursing Officer.



Once all the necessary parties have approved the request, your request will be submitted to Cross Country Staffing by the Office of Nursing Support Services. Once the request is handled the requester will be notified by Nursing Support Services. Nursing Support Services can assist you in the information needed by Cross Country Staffing in order to begin the recruitment process for your traveler resource.