Recruitment and Compliance


Cross Country Staffing will recruit candidates based on the unit description provided. Other considerations Cross Country uses included: leadership contacts, patient population, volumes, schedules, and requirements (ACLS, PALS, etc.). Nursing Support Services is also available during the entire recruitment process.

Candidate profiles will be sent directly to you by Cross Country. These candidate profiles will include any days off needed during the contract, please be sure to pay attention to these dates because they will be included in their contract. Approving the requested days off does not exclude the candidate from working their FTE that week, if possible. If there is a week the candidate can't meet their FTE we can require an additional week be added at the end.

Profiles are forwarded to you quickly, usually within the same work day and the profiles typically come with a recorded interview attached. You should feel comfortable contacting the Candidate yourself, their contact information is included in the profile. We ask that all of this occur within 24 hours of receipt of the Candidates profile, they typically have multiple opportunities, so it is important that we move quickly.



Once a decision is made you need to message our Staffing Manager at Cross Country immediately. Please avoid any conversation with the candidate that sounds like you are offering or placing a guarantee on their assignment, remember these are Cross Country Staffing employees. The offer must be made by Cross Country Staffing directly to them after you inform our Staffing Manager of your decision. Once the Candidate has accepted the offer we receive a confirmation letter. This letter contains their start date, end date, hourly rate, any approved days off, and all other contracted elements to be met.



Once the position is accepted it takes a minimum of 2-3 weeks for all compliance needs to be met. Cross Country Staffing is responsible for paying for and monitoring compliance with all of VUMC's requirements (drug screens, background checks, and immunizations). The Candidate can only start once all compliance items are completed. The Candidates start date will be delayed to the next onboarding group if compliance is not fully met by noon on the Friday prior to their planned start date.