Carpool Agreement
Employees who would like to sign up for parking as a carpool will need to read and complete this form. Employees will then need to come to the Parking Permit Office with all members of the carpool, this form, vehicle registration(s) and VUMC ID badges.

Citation Appeal Form
All appeals of issued citations must be made in writing. Complete this form and submit it to the Parking Permit Office within 14 days of the issue date. Any appeal received after 14 days will not be considered.

Any parking, valet, or shuttle requests for events must be approved by VUMC Parking and Transportation Services. Departments or Groups may send an email to with the following details: Type of Event and Request, Date, Time, Number of Guests, Department, Contact name and phone number.

Lost Permit/Gate Card Form
In order to replace a permit that is missing this form must be filled out and submitted in person to the VUMC Parking Permit Office.

Parking Agreement
Anyone wishing to park on the Medical Center campus must fill out the Parking Agreement and come to the VUMC Parking Permit Office with a VUMC ID badge and vehicle registration.

Special Mobility Request
Some requests for temporary or permanent parking changes due to a medical issue may require a State-Issued Disability hangtag or plate and must be submitted to the VUMC Employee & Labor Relations - Human Resources office. The first form must be filled out completely by the employee. The second form must be completely filled out by the provider. Both forms should be emailed, faxed or scanned to VUMC Employee and Labor Relations - Human Resources. More information at: Request for Accommodations | VUMC Human Resources

Sponsor Petition
Vendors and Affiliates who would like to obtain parking with the Medical Center must fill out this form with a VUMC sponsor. The form can then be submitted to the Parking Permit Office.