Citation Appeal

Citations issued by VUMC Parking and Transportation Services may be appealed in writing within 14 days of issuance by doing the following:

Appeals undergo an Administrative Review to determine if the citation was validly issued.  This allows for the dismissal of the citation if there are facts, events, or circumstances which were unknown to the issuing officer that may affect the validity of the citation.

Common reasons that DO NOT support dismissing a citation include:

  1. Lack of knowledge of the parking rules and regulations
  2. Other vehicles were parked incorrectly
  3. Only parked incorrectly for a short period of time
  4. Stated failure of parking officer to ticket previously for similar offenses
  5. Being late for work and parking in an unauthorized area
  6. Inability to pay the amount of the fine
  7. Parking in the Patient/Patient Visitor parking area for any reason other than being a patient or visitor
  8. Parking in a No Parking area
  9. For permit holders who have changed from night shift to day shift but have not changed their parking permits to a day permit.
  10. Permission to park given by anyone other than a VUMC Parking and Transportation Services employee

The owner/driver of the vehicle is responsible for the parking citation and bears the burden of proof when contesting a citation.  Persons appealing a citation may present anything they wish to support their position that the citation should be dismissed.  It is important that the citation number and vehicle license plate number be included with your appeal request.

Notice of the decision will be communicated within 10 business days from the date the appeal is received by the VUMC Parking and Transportation Services Office, regardless of the outcome.