Parking Rules and Regulations

Vanderbilt University Medical Center requires all vehicles (automobiles, sport utility vehicles, trucks, and vans) parked on VUMC and 100 Oaks campuses by faculty, staff or students of the Medical Center be registered with VUMC Parking & Transportation Services. Faculty and staff parking on VUMC property without a permit or parking in unauthorized areas may receive citations and fines.

The registration policy also applies to vendors and construction workers doing business on Medical Center premises.

VUMC is not and shall not be liable under any circumstances for the loss of or damage to vehicles or contents thereof parked in a lot or structure by fire, theft, or any other cause whatsoever not arising directly from the negligent acts of VUMC or its employees acting within the scope of their employment. VUMC reserves the right to restrict the use of any parking stall, area, structure or surface lot at any time and to temporarily or permanently relocate permit holders as necessary.

Parking Rates are subject to change with 30 day notice

Parking Permits

Medical Center Faculty, Staff and Students, this includes visiting students and instructors, can register for a parking permit by visiting the VUMC Parking Permit Office which is located in the EAST Garage on the Ground Level.

The following items are required to register:

  • VUMC ID Badge
  • Current Vehicle Registration showing license plate numbers, as well as make, model, year, and color of your vehicle(s).
  • $5 for a Gate Access Card deposit (We accept all Major Credit Cards.) for Crystal Terrace Garage only
  • Payment information if other than payroll deduction.

Permit Payments for Vanderbilt Faculty, Physicians and Staff are automatically payroll deducted. Payroll Deduction payments are taken on a monthly basis and are not pro-rated. For weekly and biweekly staff, payments are deducted on the second paycheck of each month.

Permit holder agrees to have the monthly permit fee deducted from his/her wages. Parker agrees to pay for citations, fines or replacement fees either in person at the VUMC Parking Permit Office or online at the VUMC Parking and Transportation Services website.

Returned Checks

When checks are returned by a bank for insufficient funds, closed accounts, etc., the amount of the check will be billed or payroll deducted. A return fee of $25 will also be billed or deducted.

Attaching the Permit

A vehicle is not considered fully registered until the parking permit is affixed to the vehicle. As soon as you receive your permit, affix the permit to your registered vehicle. Peel off the liner from a corner on the face of the permit and apply to the interior lower left of the drivers side windshield. Do not attach the permit with tape. Parking permits must be viewable from the outside fully and should not cover the vehicle identification number (VIN).

One Driver/Multiple Cars

Commuters may register more than one vehicle, but only one vehicle may be on the Medical Center campus at any given time. The repositionable permit may be moved from one vehicle to another.

Vehicle information must be updated when vehicles or license plates change. Vehicles that are not updated may be cited for unmatched information.

Temporary Situations

Any permit holder driving a different vehicle should move the permit to the temporary vehicle. If one does not have access to his/her permit, he/she should park in his/her normal location and call the Parking Permit Office at 936-1215 option 3 to request a No Ticket No Tow.

Permits for Temporary Employees

Temporary Medical Center employees are issued a permit for a designated location and must be prepaid in full. Refunds are not issued for temporary employees who complete their assignment before the expiration of their parking permit. Temps are not eligible for Wait List options.

Lost or Stolen Permits / Gate Cards

Lost permits and/or gate cards are the responsibility of the individual who registered the vehicle and will be replaced at a cost of $60 each. Permits lost through accidental circumstances will be replaced at no charge with written verification, i.e. accident report, insurance claim, or proof of sale. These replacement fees are due at the time of replacement.

Visit the VUMC Parking Permit Office to obtain a replacement and to file a Lost/Stolen Form. If the missing permit or gate card is returned to the Permit Office within 30 days of the replacements issue date, a refund will be issued. Any permits or gate cards returned after 30 days will not be refunded.

Do Not Alter, Reproduce, or Transfer the Permit

Alteration, reproduction, or transfer of any type of parking permit may result in a fine of $100, disciplinary action and/or revocation of parking privileges. Permit ownership may not be transferred to another faculty, staff or student under any circumstance.

By accepting your permit you are agreeing to follow and abide by the VUMC Parking and Transportation Service's Rules and Regulations.

Cancellation of Parking

Termination of Parking

To stop payroll deduction, employees MUST RETURN the parking permit to the Parking Permit Office. 

Expired permits do not constitute cancellation of parking. The payroll deduction will continue until the permit has been returned to the Parking Permit Office.

FMLA or Temporary Leaves

Parkers taking continuous leave may stop their parking payroll deduction for the months they are not at work.If your leave will be longer than 3 months, please return your permit. You can reinstate your parking when you return. If your leave is less than 3 months, a copy of your approved Continuous FMLA dates is needed for verification. Requests must be submitted to the VUMC Parking Permit Office 30 days prior to the leave, or if a refund is requested, within 30 days after the return to work. Parking fees are not waived or refunded for Intermittent Leaves.


Refunds are not issued for employees who complete their assignment before the expiration of their parking permit. Refunds will not be issued without the return of the permit.

Bus tickets, train tickets, and day hangtags are non-refundable.

Revocation of Parking Privileges

The Director of VUMC Parking & Transportation Services may revoke the privilege to park a vehicle on the Medical Center campus for one year under the following circumstances; (a) the owner or operator falsifies or willfully misrepresents vehicle registration information; (b) the owner/operator displays a fraudulent permit on a vehicle; (c) the individual has accumulated ten (10) or more parking citations during an academic year; or (d) individual is found responsible for reckless driving or pedestrian endangerment.

Employee Patient/Visitor Parking

Faculty, Staff and Students are allowed to park in Patient/Visitor areas only while they are a patient or visitor at VUMC or 100 Oaks campus. On days when parking as a patient, employees and students may use the valet service or self-parking. If the employee or student is returning to work or class after the appointment, the car will need to be moved to his/her designated permit area.

If you know that you will be visiting or staying as a patient/visitor for an extended time, please contact the Parking Permit Office at 615-936-1215 so we may add your vehicle to the No Ticket No Tow list to avoid any confusion.

Faculty, Staff and Students may not park any Patient/Visitor area for work or school functions.

On rare occasions, a parking warning or citation may be issued to a Faculty, Staff or Student by mistake. Should this occur, please file an appeal. Appeals must be filed within 14 days of the citation being issued.

Virtual Permit (previously known as No Ticket No Tow Policy)

Faculty, Staff and Students must call the Parking Permit Office at 615-936-1215, option 3, in advance to request a Virtual Permit when parking as a Patient or Patient Visitor. Once your appointment is over please return your vehicle to your designated permit parking area. Emailed and faxed requests will not be accepted.

The Parking Permit Office will not accept Virtual Permit requests for the following reasons:

  • Being late for work and parking in an unauthorized area.
  • Parking in the Patient/Patient Visitor parking area for any reason other than being a patient or visitor
  • Parking in a No Parking area

For permit holders who have changed from night shift to day shift but have not changed their parking permits to a day permit.

Disability Parking

In accordance with VUMC, State of Tennessee, and Federal regulations, Faculty, Staff, and Students with physical disabilities and State-issued disability parking placards will be accommodated with approval by the Employee Relations Office. Vanderbilt Employees and students with state-issued disability plates or placards may park in any designated disabled space in his/her permit area. A valid VUMC permit and state-issued placard must be displayed when parking in these spaces. Faculty, Staff or Students with permanent physical disabilities may not park in patient or visitor spaces unless he/she is a patient or visitor to the hospital.

Reasonable Accommodations Requests

Any employee and student may request temporary accommodations parking. A Medical Provider Request Form and Reasonable Accommodations Request Form must be submitted to the Employee Relations office. The parker must also have or obtain a state-issued disability parking placard.

If the request is approved by Employee Relations, the parker will be given a valid Medical Center Parking Permit for a pre-designated location. Reasonable Accommodation parking cannot exceed three (3) months.

Event Parking

Parking for Special Events

During special events, the Medical Center reserves the right to temporarily restrict or re-designate parking areas for permit holders. If you are holding a special event, please send an email to with the following details: Type of Event and Request, Date, Time, Number of Guests, Department, Contact name and phone number.

Football Games

Vehicles parked in the N-Lot must be moved before game days or may be subject to towing. Please refer to the Parking Privileges page to learn where you can park during home football games.

Mechanical Failure and Accidents

Motor Vehicle Failure

In the event of vehicle mechanical failure, the operator must notify the VUMC Parking Permit office and after normal business hours, contact the Vanderbilt University Police Department (615-322-2745). Under no circumstances may the vehicle block traffic, a fire lane, or cause a safety hazard. Vehicles may be relocated if necessary.

Reporting Accidents

Persons involved in accidents that result in personal injury and/or property damage should report the accidents to the Vanderbilt University Police Department at 615-322-2745 or, for life threatening situations, at 615-421-1911.