Vendors and Visitors

VUMC Vendor Policy

Vanderbilt University Medical Center requires all vehicles parked on VUMC campuses by Vendors be registered / sponsored by a VUMC department. Vendors are individuals / company representatives that are not directly affiliated with VUMC but conduct business on campus.

All Vendors must either have a permit to park displayed on their vehicle or park in the designated Pay-By-Space areas when parking and doing business on the VUMC Campus. Citations and fees are the responsibility of the person or entity that the vehicle is registered to.

Vendor parking is only allowed in the designated pay by space areas located on the 4th level of the South Garage and ground level of 25th Avenue Garage or in designated locations as identified on Vendor monthly parking permits.

Daily Vendor parking is not allowed in locations designated for patient / visitor parking (East Garage, Central Garage and Levels Ground through 4 of the South Garage or in the West Garage). Vendors may not utilize Valet Services to park their vehicles at any time.

Vendor Parking Options:

South Garage: Partial & Full Day Permit:

0-2 Hours $ 4.00

2-4 Hours $ 7.50

4-12 Hours $15.00

Partial and full day permit can be purchased (credit card only) at the Pay By Space Station parking is located on the 4th floor of the South Garage.

25th Avenue Garage: Partial & Full Day Permit $1 per half hour- $15 per day

Public Pay By Space parking can be purchased at the pay stations located on the Ground Level of the 25th Avenue Garage at the Highland Avenue entrance.

Vendor Monthly/Yearly Permits can be purchased for pre-assigned parking locations. Vendor parking assignments will be based on the vendors service location and space availability. To apply for a monthly permit you must go to the Parking Permit Office located in the Lobby at the Ground Level of the East Garage.

You will need to be a current registered vendor and provide the following information and payments to register:

  • Vehicle Registration showing license plate numbers, as well as make, model, year, and color of your vehicle(s).
  • ID
  • Sponsorship Form
  • Payment (We accept all major credit/debit cards.)

Vendors that service VUMC year round will be required pay for their permits on a 6 month minimum basis.

Vendor Monthly Permit $125

Vendor Yearly Permit $1500

By accepting your permit you are agreeing to follow and abide by the VUMC Parking and Transportation Service's Rules and Regulations.

Failure to follow the VUMC Parking Rules and Regulations may result in your loss of privilege to do business at VUMC.