PhD Students

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PhD candidates are students who have passed their qualifying exam and are now focusing on dissertation research.

  • Marisa Blackman

    PhD student

    Advisor: Leena Choi

    Post-baccalaureate studies, Mathematics, Smith College; BA, Music (minor in Mathematics), The College of New Jersey

    Research interests include: pharmacokinetic modeling, pharmacometrics, electronic health records

  • Huiding Chen

    PhD student

    Advisor: Cindy Chen

    MS, Biostatistics, Georgetown University

    Research interests include: Bayesian methods, clinical trials, EHR/EMR, machine learning

  • Alexis Fleming

    PhD student

    Advisor: Rameela Raman

    BA, Statistics and Financial Economics, Gustavus Adolphus College

    Research interests include: Bayesian methodologies, clinical trials, survival analysis

  • Megan Taylor Jones

    PhD student

    Advisor: Simon Vandekar

    BPH, Public Health (minor in Mathematics), University of Kentucky

    Research interests include: neuroimaging, data-driven public health improvements, mental health


  • Kaidi Kang

    PhD candidate

    Advisor: Simon Vandekar

    MS, Biostatistics, Georgetown University

    Research interests include: Alzheimer's disease, neuroimaging

  • Yeji Ko

    PhD student

    Advisor: Benjamin French

    MS, Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University; BS, Statistics, University of Michigan


  • Lisa Levoir

    PhD student

    Advisor: Tatsuki Koyama

    BA, Biology (minors in Community and Global Health and Geography), Macalester College

    Research interests include: translational biological research, public health


  • Advisor: Bryan Shepherd

    MS, Biostatistics, Columbia University; BS, Public Health, Shandong University

    Research interests include: data integration, clusters, omics


  • Yunbi Nam

    PhD student

    Advisors: Andrew Spieker and Jonathan Schildcrout

    MS, Biostatistics, University of Washington; BS, Mathematics and Economics, Sogang University

    Research interests include: data integration, precision medicine

  • Maximilian "Max" Rohde

    PhD candidate

    Advisors: Ben French and Frank Harrell

    MS, Biostatistics, Vanderbilt University; BA, Physics and Geology, Carleton College

    Research interests include: adaptive clinical trial design, reproducible research, statistics education

  • Danni Shi

    PhD student

    Advisors: Jinyuan Liu and Hakmook Kang

    MS, Biostatistics, University of Washington; BS, Statistics (minors in Mathematics and Applied Mathematics), University of Washington

    Research interests include: causal inference, clinical trials, observational studies, imaging data analysis


  • Lan Shi

    PhD candidate

    Advisor: Dandan Liu

    MS, Applied Statistics, University of Michigan; BS, Statistical Science, Chinese University of Hong Kong

    Research interests include: applying machine learning to biomedical imaging data, wearable health device data analysis


  • Joshua Slone

    PhD student

    Advisor: Rameela Raman

    MS, Applied Economics, Johns Hopkins University; BA, Modern Middle Eastern Studies, University of Pennsylvania

    Research interests include: predictive modeling


  • Kay Soga

    PhD student

    Advisor: Panpan Zhang

    Graduate Certificate, Applied Statistics, Australian National University; MS, Anthropology, Minnesota State University; BA, Comparative Culture, University of Tsukuba

    Research interests include: data science, survival analysis

  • Tianyi Sun

    PhD candidate

    Advisor: Dandan Liu

    MS, Biostatistics/Theory and Method, Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health; BS, Biological Sciences, Beijing Forestry University

    Research interests include: predictive modeling, survival analysis, longitudinal data analysis, machine learning, real-world evidence in healthcare

  • Shengxin Tu

    PhD candidate

    Dissertation: Rank-Based Analyses and Designs with Clustered Data

    Advisor: Bryan Shepherd

    MS, Biostatistics, Duke University; BS, Mathematics, Renmin University of China

    Research interests include: rank correlation for clustered data and applications of statistical methods in HIV/AIDS research

  • Hao Wu

    PhD student

    Advisors: Cindy Chen and Amir Asiaee

    MS, Biostatistics, University of Michigan; BS, Food Science / Data Science / Architecture, China Agricultural University

    Research interests include: machine learning, artificial intelligence, computational biology, electronic health records

  • Jiangmei Ruby Xiong

    PhD candidate

    Advisor: Simon Vandekar

    MS, Statistics, Columbia University; BS, Actuarial Studies, The Australian National University

    Research interests include: NLP (Natural Language Processing), multiplex immunofluorescence (mIF) data, social network data


  • Bailu "Lucy" Yan

    PhD student

    Advisor: Hakmook Kang

    MS, Applied Statistics and Data Analytics, Southern Methodist University; BS, Finance, Central University of Finance and Economics (Beijing)

    Research interests include: biomolecular study, machine learning, data engineering, randomized controlled trials


  • Yan Yan

    PhD candidate

    Advisor: Hakmook Kang

    PhD, Biomedical Engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology; MS, Biostatistics, Middle Tennessee State University; BS, Biotechnology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology

    Research interests include: imaging genomics, risk genes identification of complex traits, functional connectivity analysis


  • Advisors: Qi Liu and Yu Shyr

    MS and BS, Statistics, National Cheng Kung University

    Research interests include: genomics, precision medicine, biomedical imaging data

  • Lydia Yao

    PhD student

    Advisor: Yaomin Xu

    BS, Data Science and Mathematical Statistics, Purdue University

    Research interests include: statistical methods; modeling within health and medicine

  • Haoyang Yi

    PhD student

    Advisor: Chris Lindsell

    MS, Biostatistics, Columbia University; BS, Resources and Environmental Science, Shanghai Jiao Tong University

    Research interests include: statistical modeling, solving clinicians' problems


  • Siwei Zhang

    PhD candidate

    Advisor: Yaomin Xu

    MS, Biostatistics, Duke University; BS, Statistics, Shandong University, Weihai

    Research interests include: precision medicine, EHR and genetic biobank analysis, biostatistics, network analysis


  • Xinyu Zhang

    PhD student

    Advisors: Hakmook Kang and Simon Vandekar

    MS, Biostatistics, Yale University; BS, Statistics, SWUFE (Southwestern University of Finance and Economics), China

    Research interests include: clinical trials