Department Leadership

Senior Executive Committee

Department Chair: Yu Shyr 

  • Assistant to the Chair: Jenny L. Jones

Vice Chair of Diversity and Inclusion: Leena Choi

Vice Chair of Faculty Affairs: Bryan Shepherd

Vice Chair of Informatics & Collaborative Programs: Lynne Berry

Vice Chair of Research: Jonathan Schildcrout


Education Directors

Graduate Studies: Robert Greevy

Post-Graduate Studies and Distance Learning: Cindy Chen

  • Program Manager, Graduate and Post-Graduate Studies: Chazlie Miller


Biostatistics Graduate Student Association

President: Coleman Harris

Vice President: Jamie Joseph

Treasurer: Chiara Di Gravio

Secretary: Cara Lwin

First-Year Liaison: Marisa Blackman


Continuous Quality Improvement Task Force

Director: Dan Byrne

  • Administrative contact: Peg Duthie


Faculty Recruitment Committee

Chair: Jonathan Schildcrout

  • Administrative contact: biostatistics[at]vumc[dot]org


Resource Allocation Committee

Chair: Dandan Liu


Staff Promotions and Development Committee

Chair: Amber Hackstadt


Staff Search Committee

Chairs: Run Fan and Josh DeClercq