Administrative Staff

  • Jena Altstatt, BA

    Associate Program Manager

    Jena is involved in the creation, coordination, and execution of special events, projects, and programs. She assists with logistics planning and budgetary management and serves as the primary contact for volunteer coordination and community outreach. In addition, she supports general operational assignments and is the department contact for Concur and travel arrangements.  

  • Audrey Carvajal, MSW, MBA

    Manager - Administrative

    Audrey chiefly manages activities related to personnel administration and facilities. In addition, she serves as the departmental liaison to VUMC’s central human resources and global support offices. She is the main contact for position management, staff recruitment, onboarding, performance development and recognition, payroll, employee relations, and immigration services. Audrey is also the primary contact for employee service agreements (ESAs) with VU, interagency personnel agreements (IPAs) with the funding agencies, and inquiries regarding Kronos.

  • Pattie Council, MSCI, CRA

    Grants Manager

    Pattie primarily assists faculty in preparing and assembling grant proposals/contracts in compliance with sponsor, VUMC, and federal guidelines. In addition, she interacts with other departments and agencies to facilitate the development, submission, and administration of grant proposals. As a certified research administrator (CRA), Pattie possesses a comprehensive knowledge of best practices in sponsored research administration. She also monitors terms and agreements of grant awards for compliance.

  • Peg Duthie, MA

    Program Manager - Communications

    Peg is involved with creating, editing, proofing, and implementing a wide array of communications, from the department’s online presence and recruitment materials to manuscripts, abstracts, and funding proposals. She also manages and supports official correspondence and special projects for the department chair and senior leadership.  

  • Nicole Gunnison, BS

    Budget/Accounting Analyst

    Nicole primarily assists faculty and staff with effort management and supports the Resource Allocation Committee by providing regular effort-gap analysis and reporting. She also conducts financial and budget analyses to assess and enhance financial and related operational methods and activities.  

  • Sandra Hewston, MEd, CPA

    Senior Financial Analyst

    Sandra primarily supports faculty and senior staff with complex financial analyses on post-award activities to assess the viability of strategic and financial plans and research programs.  As a certified public accountant, she integrates financial principles, theories, and concepts to develop relevant reports for principal investigators. In addition, she monitors research programs and project implementation expenditures to ensure compliance with institutional and federal guidelines. 

  • Jenny Jones, BS

    Assistant to the Chair

    Jenny provides administrative and business support to the department chair, and to other faculty as requested by the chair. In addition, she serves as the departmental liaison to the Office of Faculty Affairs and assists with faculty recruitment, appointment, and reappointment processes. Jenny is also the primary coordinator of the CQS Summer Institute.  

  • Chazlie Miller, BS

    Program Manager - Educational Programs

    Chazlie is responsible for all aspects of the Biostatistics Graduate Program, including budgeting, managing the content and framework, and facilitating the admissions process. She also assists with establishing new educational initiatives, such as the distance learning program.  

  • Cierra Streeter, BS

    Associate Program Manager

    Cierra supports various administrative and financial processes, including office operations, staff onboarding, procurement, space management, and special events coordination. She also serves as the departmental liaison to VUMC’s central procurement and disbursement offices, its facilities management department, and external business groups and service providers.    

  • Janey Wang, MS, MEng

    Chief Business Officer

    Janey oversees the administrative team and is responsible for planning, organizing, and managing departmental fiscal and human resources to support collaborative research and educational activities. She interacts with VUMC Academic Enterprise, the hospitals, and the medical center administration to ensure these activities are coordinated and integrated into compliance with established policies and procedures. Janey is the primary contact for purchase and equipment requisitions, travel, contracts, and the authorization and approval of other expenses. She also works closely with the department chair on departmental budget preparation and expenditure.