Chris Slaughter wins 2023 Vanderbilt Epidemiology Teaching Award

Associate professor Chris Slaughter has received the 2023 Vanderbilt Epidemiology Teaching Award. The student-nominated award honors a faculty member for their exceptional effort in training the next generation of epidemiologists in the PhD program.

Students who nominated Chris said that he “really tied all of the concepts we learned in our previous classes together to make them easier to understand,” and that he is “very patient and takes the time to explain concepts and ensure that they are understood.”

Chris received his PhD in biostatistics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Since joining the Vanderbilt School of Medicine as an assistant professor in 2007, he has taught Clinical Pharmacology Biostatistics, Statistics for Biomedical Research, Modern Regression Analysis (for which he was a founding instructor), and Design and Analysis of Time to Event Data. He has co-authored almost 200 peer reviewed papers.

Some of Chris’s current research projects include a structure based design of trimer interface epitope focused universal influenza vaccines and therapeutic human monoclonal antibody treatments for filoviruses.

He is also part of the department’s upcoming Coursera program, which will debut within the next year. The program will include a series of courses on applied statistics in biomedical science. Chris is teaching Data Science Workflow for Clinical Trial Data, which will provide students with hands-on experience for successfully working with data collected during a randomized clinical trial.

Other courses in the program will be led by professor Tatsuki Koyama, assistant professor Andrew Spieker, and department chair Yu Shyr.

Congratulations, Chris, and thank you for all your hard work!