Current Fellows


Daniel Carranza, MD



Shortly after completing my medical education in Peru, I was fortunate to obtain a research fellowship position in the US. In this capacity I was exposed to various aspects of biomedical research and witnessed firsthand how it drives innovation and advances in clinical practice. I was particularly drawn to clinical trials aiming at determining the effects of new drugs as well as how effectiveness and side effects differ between individuals. 

After a few (very cold) years in Minnesota I moved to Nashville to continue my career at the Clinical Pharmacology Division of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center. A fundamental part of this division is the Autonomic Dysfunction Center (ADC) which is at the forefront of development of diagnostic and therapeutic strategies for the management of autonomic disease. I found this field extremely compelling as it presents unique and challenging problem-solving scenarios, and it allows for the use of both clinical skills and knowledge acquired during my internal medicine residency training, and my research experience and skills. The ADC is composed of a variety of clinicians and researchers from different backgrounds. Training under these mentors has provided a well-rounded approach to autonomic dysfunction, which I would recommend to anyone considering a career in this field. 




Pedro Ortiz, MD


After a few years of working as an internist in Peru doing clinical practice, medical teaching, and geriatric research, I came to the United States to enhance my acquired skills in a supportive environment with high standards. Now, I am very pleased to be appointed as a clinical fellow at the Vanderbilt Autonomic Dysfunction Center, a national referral center with many learning opportunities for clinical training.

The center has a very active outpatient clinic, an inpatient consult service, a modern clinical research unit, a calendar full of academic activities, and a well-recognized multidisciplinary team. All of these unique opportunities, along with a healthy learning environment and invaluable support staff, this fellowship program will give me the tools to effectively manage patients with autonomic disorders and their multiple concomitant comorbidities, a particular complex scenario where the art of practicing personalized medicine becomes real.