Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The Inclusive Community Initiative is a resident-led movement to proactively honor the richness of experience and perspective of our Anesthesiology family. Our mission is to create an environment where residents from any-and-all backgrounds feel respected, supported, and valued. We believe this is how new ideas, new leaders and new connections flourish in an increasingly diverse global society. We are deeply committed to sustaining a diverse and rich learning environment where every resident benefits from the experiences of colleagues different from them by race, ethnicity, orientation, socioeconomic status, geographic site of origin, etc. We are spearheading efforts to transcend boundaries to embrace the interdependence of our world by intentionally recruiting and retaining residents/faculty of diverse backgrounds.

Lets celebrate both the diversity and unity that connects us -- help us in our commitment to being an inclusive and welcoming community! Please contact Maxwell, Olivia, or Anna with any questions.

  • Maxwell James, CA-3
    "Born and raised in Mississippi, I always loved the south. My journey took me to Virginia, and then farther north to Manhattan. In the end, I wanted to find a place with the accoutrements of a city, but the easy living of the south. Between the countless restaurants, live music venues, sports events, concerts, golf courses, and a nearby independent book store, I’m never at a loss of things to do. Living in Hillsboro Village, I enjoy easy access to Nashville nightlife, suburban living, and most importantly—Vanderbilt. What I enjoy most about training at Vanderbilt, is the friendly and welcoming people I work with."

    Olivia Valencia, CA-2
    “Hi, there! My name is Olivia and I am originally from Tucson, Arizona. I chose to come to Vanderbilt for the unique combination of clinical excellence, emphasis on global health, and kind people. One year and a couple months in, my expectations in all three areas have been exceeded! My favorite things about Nashville (other than our tight-knit resident family) are the cultural activities, including the Frist Museum of Art, the Nashville Symphony, etc., and the beautiful local and state parks, such as Percy Warner Park, Radnor Lake, and others. I feel so lucky to be doing residency here!”

    Anna Eid, CA-1
    “Salut! I’m Anna- I was born in Montreal but spent most of my life in Beirut, where I went to the American University of Beirut for both my undergraduate studies and medical school. I then transitioned from being an AUBite to a Yalie where I did my research in hypovolemic physiology. I am a fan of all things sun, sand, and yoga. As someone who only just recently moved to the US, I have had a lot of catching up to do but it has been such a beautiful journey especially with my co-residents who have become family and my home away from home. Vandy has been surreal and I can’t wait to share all what I’ve learned with you!”