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Course Notes

The Autonomic Dysfunction Center faculty are actively involved in numerous teaching roles relating to autonomic disorders. The course notes below may be helpful to others and are available for download or viewing. Documents in PDF format will require the Adobe Acrobat reader to open.

Autonomic Miscellany

The autonomic nervous system has been intensively studied during the past century at both the clinical and the basic level. The clinical investigations have led to the identification of many syndromes and signs which can be quite difficult for persons outside this field to assimilate. The Autonomic Miscellany tries to provide (1) basic introduction to autonomic function and pharmacology in human subjects, (2) a review of the dysautonomias and their treatment, (3) a review of methods for testing the autonomic nervous system, (4) case studies of patient histories, and finally (5) an alphabetical listing of some of the key named entities in clinical autonomic work. Most are entities that describe autonomic pathology, but disorders which mimic the presentation of autonomic disorders are also included. A few entities are included only because they are interesting or bizarre.