Vanderbilt Adult Clinical Neuropsychology at One Hundred Oaks

Supervisor(s):   Holly Westervelt, PhD, ABPP

Location:  Neuropsychology clinic at One Hundred Oaks Outpatient Neurology Clinic

Clinical or Research Rotation: Clinical

Number of Positions Available: 1

Anticipated Number of Face-to-Face Clinical Hours per Week:  4-5 hours of face-to-face time for interview, testing, feedback; 4 hours for scoring, report writing, supervision/instruction


Description:  The One Hundred Oaks (OHO) neuropsychology clinic offers a secondary rotation for interns interested in gaining experience in neuropsychological assessment in a general adult outpatient practice.  Expected duties of the intern:  Interns will gain experience in clinical interview with the patient and their loved ones, test administration and scoring of a wide variety of neuropsychological assessment tools, case conceptualization focused on brain-behavior relationships, report writing, generation of meaningful recommendations, and feedback to family and patients.  The rotation is held Thursdays, 8:00am – 5:00pm.  The intern is expected to see one patient per week.  Setting:  The clinical experience is based at the neurology suite at Vanderbilt Health at the One Hundred Oaks mall, located at 719 Thompson Lane in Nashville.  Patient population:  Interns will be exposed to patients with a variety of neuropsychological disorders, which may include various degenerative conditions (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease, dementia with Lewy bodies, frontotemporal dementias), movement disorders, cerebrovascular insults, endocrine/metabolic disorders, brain tumors, sleep disorders, and multiple sclerosis, among other disorders.  The majority of the referrals come from Vanderbilt’s Neurology department, though referrals come from a variety of disciplines within and outside of Vanderbilt.  Therapeutic Orientation:  The OHO neuropsychology group uses a flexible battery approach.  Assessments typically include a set core of neuropsychological instruments, supplemented as needed to address the presenting concerns or issues that arise during testing.  The intern will gain experience in test selection and appropriate modification of batteries for the patient.

Competency Goals: Interns will receive supervision and experience in clinical interviewing, test selection, administration and scoring, case conceptualization, generation of recommendations, and feedback to patients and family members.

Prerequisites: Prior graduate-level coursework and practicum experience in test administration is highly desired.

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