Salaries & Benefits

Intern stipends are set by and paid through the intern’s primary placement.  Stipend levels vary slightly within the Consortium.  Expected stipend levels for the 2017-2018 training year can be found at the descriptions of the Consortium agencies.  

Health Insurance

Both the Vanderbilt and VA primary placements offer health insurance as a benefit of employment.

Vacation and Sick Time

All Consortium interns are allowed a minimum of two weeks (i.e. 10 working days) annual leave (vacation), two weeks of sick leave (i.e. 10 working days), and seven professional days (to be used for professional meetings and workshops, dissertation related activities, job interviews, etc.). Arrangements for leave should be negotiated in advance with the relevant training sites except in cases of emergency. Extended periods of absence due to serious illness, illness of a family member, etc., will need to be made up by extending the period of the internship in order to complete training requirements.


* Vanderbilt University Medical Center is currently assessing the impact of the new Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  The number of paid vacation, sick and/or professional days available to Vanderbilt interns may change for the 2017-18 internship year.  The information presented above is accurate for VA interns as they are not affected by the FLSA rule changes.


Parking arrangements are the responsibility of each primary placement.  You may be required to pay for parking at either or both your primary and secondary placements.

Additional Resources

All Consortium interns have access to Vanderbilt University library resources, as well as the library and computer resources available at their training sites.