All Consortium interns attend regularly scheduled didactics as part of the internship experience. Consortium-wide training activities occupy approximately one half day each week, currently on Friday mornings from 8-11:30 AM. Didactics consists of Neuropsychology seminar, a general seminar series covering a variety of clinically relevant topics and professional issues, and a case conference. In addition to the presentation of clinically or professionally relevant content, a major objective of these Consortium-wide training activities is to provide a structure within which members of the intern class may interact and learn from one another.  There is also an abundance of case conferences, colloquia, and workshops that may be available to interns in the Consortium settings. Participation in some of these activities may be required depending on the intern’s agency and rotations. 

As part of the didactics, each intern must present at least three (3) clinical cases in the course of the training year.  In addition, each intern must present to the intern class during the general seminar series at least one review of the current scientific and clinical literature on a clinical topic.  The format of the presentation is flexible.  Interns may present an in-depth case report (i.e. case conference with literature of review of clinically relevant topic), practice job talk, practice dissertation defense, or a conventional research talk.

Attendance Policy: Attendance at the Consortium’s scheduled didactic training activities throughout the year is mandatory.  With the exception of approved absences due to illness, professional development, and vacation time, interns are expected to attend all scheduled Friday morning seminars and case conferences.  Excessive unexcused absences may jeopardize successful completion of the internship.  All absences must be confirmed with the intern’s respective Training Director and Consortium Directors.