We live in a nation that is rapidly becoming more ethnically and culturally diverse, and in a world in which improved communication and transportation brings people from distant geographic areas and cultures into frequent, meaningful, and important interaction.  In order to function as professionals in this evolving national and global context psychologists must be able to work effectively with clients, patients, professionals, and even communities with different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.

In recognition of this the Consortium provides training both through supervision of clinical practice and didactics to enhance interns’ ability to work effectively in this increasingly diverse society.  Additionally, the Vanderbilt Psychological and Counseling Center has developed a strong emphasis on diversity training.

Perhaps no formal training experience is more helpful in moving toward this goal than close personal contact in a supportive environment with others, particularly peers, from different backgrounds.  Accordingly, the Consortium faculty value the variety of perspectives a culturally diverse intern class brings to the training process.  Applications from ethnic minorities are therefore especially encouraged.