Fee for Service

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Routine services requiring in vivo disease models (ex: OIR, LCNV, STZ-induced leukostasis) are pre-priced and the cost of a study is often linearly scalable with the necessary animal volume.  Treatment arms can be added or subtracted to include additional controls, dose responses, comparison compounds, etc.  Well characterized and validated positive controls with defined historical efficacy are used for comparison to test compounds.  Routine tissue isolation and analytical services (ex: RNA-sequencing, qRT-PCR, histopathology) also are priced by fixed fee scale.

Likewise, routine in vitro services (ex: endothelial cell proliferation, tube formation, migration; hypoxia induction of cytokines and growth factors; trans-endothelial electrical resistance analysis; parallel plate flow chamber) have fixed pricing, scalable on the basis of volume.

Deliverables include bar graphs and scatter plots for efficacy profiles, all digitized images of stained choroidal or retinal flat-mounts (or other tissue- or cell-based images), and expert statistical analysis and summary.

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