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Dr. Penn and other senior VO-CRO staff members are available for consultation regarding:

  • assessment of the current ocular drug development landscape
  • current experimental standards for ocular drug development
  • target identification
  • target validation strategies
  • experimental model selection
  • experimental design
  • IND portfolio development
  • mechanism of action determination
  • PK strategies
  • formulation strategies
  • toxicity determination strategies
  • other topics

These services are included in the cost of research agreements, but are also available in the absence of a research agreement and are billed on an hourly basis. Please contact us to learn more about our consulting services and for pricing.

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VO-CRO staff members are poised to train your personnel in cell- and animal-based study techniques to facilitate your discovery and drug development efforts. We have extensive expertise with cell-based models of growth factor and cytokine induction by disease-relevant stimuli and of induced cell behaviors relevant to ocular disease. We also have long-standing experience with animal models of ocular angiogenesis, vascular regression, vascular inflammation and neurodegeneration. Further information can be found under models. Your personnel may visit the VO-CRO laboratories for customized instruction in the use of these models. Please contact us to learn more about our training services and for pricing.