Pediatric Scales and User Guide

The Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Pediatrics are a suite of questionnaires designed to assess listening-related fatigue in children ages 6-17 years. The Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Children (VFS-C) is a self-report version for completion by the child. In addition, there are two proxy-reporter versions: the Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Parent (VFS-P) and Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Teacher (VFS-T) for completion by the child's parent and teacher, respectively. The scales are freely available for clinical and educational use and can be downloaded below. For more information about administration and scoring, please download and review the VFS-Pediatrics User Guide.



Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Pediatric User Guide (English)


Child writing

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale- Child (VFS-C)


Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Child Version  (English)- Print Only

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Child Version  (English)- Fillable PDF

Mother and child doing homework

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale- Parent (VFS-P)

Parent Proxy-Report

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Parent Version  (English)- Print Only

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Parent Version  (English)- Fillable PDF

teacher and students looking at laptop

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale- Teacher (VFS-T)

Teacher Proxy-Report

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Teacher Version  (English)- Print Only

Vanderbilt Fatigue Scale-Teacher Version  (English)- Fillable PDF

Translated Pediatric Scales

For detailed documentation of the translation process used to develop each translated scale, see the corresponding reconciliation report on the Translating the VFS page (Completed Scale Translation Collaborations block).