Breast Diseases

The Division of Surgical Oncology provides leadership for the surgical management of breast diseases and breast cancer. This includes participation in the multidisciplinary disease management teams for breast cancer and the breast cancer clinical research team. Patient care is provided at the Vanderbilt Breast Center, a multidisciplinary breast center that offers integrated diagnostic and clinical evaluation for patients with all types of breast diseases, both benign an malignant., A highly collaborative multidisciplinary breast cancer clinic was instituted to provide breast cancer patients with the opportunity to be evaluated by surgical, medical and radiation oncology, breast imaging, and plastic surgery in the same setting and obtain a multidisciplinary consultation regarding all aspects of breast cancer care at a single site

In addition, a high-risk clinic has been developed to perform breast cancer risk evaluation and develop management strategies including genetic counseling and testing through the Hereditary Cancer Clinic, as appropriate. This clinic provides patients with comprehensive evaluation and management of breast cancer risk, including MRI screening and risk reducing mastectomies in appropriate patients..

Nurse Practitioners in the breast center work in close collaboration with the surgeons. They are highly trained in breast disease management and offer full evaluation of a variety of breast related complaints as well as patients at increased risk of developing breast cancer.

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Nurse Practitioners: