These training modules are intended for individuals who require basic awareness and safety information regarding radiation hazards in their workplace, but who do not work directly with significant amounts of radioactive material.

These two radiation safety awareness courses are available for self-assignment online in the University or Medical Center Learning Exchange:

  • Radiation Awareness Training 
    This course is intended for personnel who work around, but do not work directly with, research (non-clinical) radioactive materials or x-ray machines.
  • Radiation Awareness Training for Clinical Pathology 
    This course is intended only for Clinical Pathology staff. 

This training is NOT intended for individuals who will work directly with significant amounts of radioactive material or operate devices that produce ionizing radiation (such as x-ray machines or accelerators).  Those radiation workers should refer to the complete list of radiation safety training topics available on the Radiation Safety Training page.

If you have questions about radiation safety training, please send a message to