2019 Annual Training

NOTE: This training is not a substitute for Principles & Practices of Biosafety training; it’s an annual refresher intended for those who work with materials at BSL-1 or BSL-2. If you have specific questions regarding this training and who needs to take it, please email the Biosafety Team at: biosafety@vumc.org

1.  Who needs to complete the 2019 Biosafety Refresher?   

  • All personnel who:
    1. joined the lab before July 1st, 2019, and 
    2. handle biological materials (microbiological agents, cells, viable tissue or body fluid specimens from animals or humans, as well as materials containing RDNA molecules)
  • All IBC-registered Principal Investigators are expected to complete the refresher this year regardless of whether they work at the bench or not.

2.  When will the Biosafety Refresher be made available? 

  • Monday, December 16th, 2019 through Friday, January 31st, 2020

3.  How can the Biosafety Refresher be accessed? 

  • NOTE: No groups, faculty, staff or students have been pre-enrolled for this course. To access and complete the training, you will first self-enroll in your learning system.
  • This course is available in both the VUMC Learning Exchange and VU Oracle Learning systems. You can find it by performing a keyword search using "biosafety refresher."
    • In the VUMC Learning Exchange the full title is: 2019 Annual Biosafety Refresher
    • In the VU Oracle system the full title is: Biosafety Annual Refresher Standard Microbiological Practices

4.  What is the deadline for completing the 2019 Biosafety Refresher? 

  • Friday, January 31st , 2020.  
    Please note that completion of this refresher training will not “count” as a refresher for 2020. The 2020 Biosafety Refresher will launch in late 2020 with revised content focused on emerging biosafety issues and common inspection deficiencies.

5.  Who should a person contact if they encounter technical difficulties while trying to complete the training? 

6.  How should you maintain copies of training documentation?

  • All lab personnel: Please give your PI or lab manager a copy of your completion certificate or transcript from the VUMC or VU learning management system. VEHS Biosafety will not be able to efficiently generate these records for you because these learning management systems are not under the purview of VEHS.
  • Principal Investigators & Lab Mangers:  Please log training completion of your personnel in a manner that works best for you. The VEHS Biosafety Team will spot check training records during future lab inspections to verify training compliance for IBC reports.