X-ray Device Acquisition, Disposal, and Relocation

Devices that produce ionizing radiation such as x-ray devices possessed by Vanderbilt University Medical Center (VUMC) must be registered with the State of TN Department of Environment and Conservation Division of Radiological Health (DRH). Additionally, current location of equipment must always be known by VUMC.

OCRS manages all VUMC x-ray device registrations and ensures all updates to x-ray device registrations are submitted to DRH. To meet the requirements of the VUMC Diagnostic Imaging X-ray Safety Policy, VUMC Radiation Safety Manual, and to avoid penalties and fees associated with possession of x-ray equipment, departments are required to:

  • Inform OCRS of any newly acquired x-ray devices within 5 days of possession;
  • Inform OCRS of any x-ray devices requiring disposal; and
  • Obtain written approval from OCRS before relocation of any x-ray device.

Notification to OCRS regarding newly acquired x-ray devices, x-ray devices requiring disposal, or x-ray devices requiring relocation can be made here.