Radioactive Waste Collection Procedures


All waste should be properly packaged for transport. All liquid waste must be in a chemically compatible container, sealed with a screw-on cap, and free of any residue on the outside of the container. We will not accept any waste in water bottles, milk jugs, household detergent containers, etc. All solid waste must be in a suitably thick bag or box and sealed with tape. The bag or box should not be leaking or have any residue on the outer surface. Items containing lead should be packaged separately from all other waste.


All waste should be properly tagged for disposal. These tags require the waste generator to provide specific information such as name, phone number, building, room number, and complete waste identification. Additionally, these tags label the container "Hazardous Waste" or "Caution-Radioactive Materials" as required by State and Federal regulations. One tag must be on each container of waste and are available from OCRS.

Collection Requests

After the waste has been properly packaged and identified, a completed Radioactive Waste Collection Request Form must be submitted to OCRS.  For all radioactive waste, make sure the pink radioisotope disposal records have been completed as they will be collected along with the waste.

Radioactive Waste Collection Schedule

Radioactive wastes are collected on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If your require an emergency collection that cannot wait for a regularly scheduled pickup, please let us know and we will try to accommodate you as quickly as possible.  Radioactive waste collection request forms must be received at least one day before the requested pickup day.

Additional Information

After OCRS receives the request form(s), your lab will be placed on the collection schedule.  When OCRS arrives at your lab, either a lab worker must be present, or a pre-determined area within the lab must be clearly designated for waste storage. If the collection staff is unable to locate the waste, a note will be left to inform you that we were there. It will be your responsibility to reschedule a new appointment.

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