Job Hazard Analysis

Job Hazard Analysis

A Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) is an analysis of associated hazards within a particular job function. It primarily focuses on administrative, engineering, and/or personal protective equipment controls that can be employed to minimize or eliminate potential job hazards. The analysis assesses each aspect of a task and addresses the items which could result in an injury to an individual. This involves an evaluation of the mechanics of any operation, identifying what can go wrong, and how to do it safely. It also involves an analysis of the body mechanics and ergonomics involved in an operation.

Job Hazard Elements

There are four essential elements to a JHA:

  1. selecting jobs for analysis
  2. breaking the job into individual tasks or operations
  3. identifying hazards, unsafe conditions and unsafe work practices associated with each task/operation; and
  4. identifying the correct and safe way to perform the task/operation.

OCRS Services

OCRS provides assistance to departments who need a Job Hazard Analysis. Our department also works closely with the Health Plus Ergonomist to ensure that workstations are optimized for employee comfort and well-being.

Requests & Questions

For a Job Hazard Analysis, please contact Mark Bogard ( Ergonomic workstation evaluations and ergonomic training are provided through the Occupational Health Clinic.

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